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Cayman Aggressor V

About Cayman Aggressor V

The Cayman Aggressor V is based in Georgetown on Grand Cayman Island. The scuba diving vessel is 120ft long and has 10 staterooms. The yacht carries 20 divers/guests. The local currents are typically minimal. Therefore, diving from the boat is easy; they use a large dive platform and two ladders. Enjoy our blog articles on Little Cayman's Big Time DivingCayman Brac, the Tranquility and Adventure Island, and Destination Spotlight: Grand Cayman.

Cayman Aggressor V Diving

On board the scuba diving ship you can visit all three islands including: Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac. So in 7 days, you get to sample some of the best scuba diving sites on each island. Hopping island to island this could take you up to 3 weeks! There are over 200 dive sites to choose from on this tour. As a result, Cayman Aggressor V will take you to explore some famous wrecks. You'll also dive some are arches, shoots, pinnacles, canyons, sand plains, caves, chimneys, and tunnels. More importantly, expect to see lots of tarpon, groupers, and schools of glass fish, stingrays, lobsters, and turtles. Some of the dive site visited include: Three Fathom Wall "part of Bloody Bay Wall", Big Tunnels, Kittiwake, Oro Verde, Babylon, Keith Tibbetts, and Stingray City.

Attractions and Activities

So each week, the chef prepares wonderful meals.  On Cayman Aggressor V, breakfast typically consists of made to order eggs, lunch is buffet style, and dinner is served at your table. More over complimentary beer and wine are available. There are always snacks available between dives. So there is a Jacuzzi tub, wet bar, and BBQ on the sun deck with ample lounge chairs. A covered cocktail area is on the upper deck. Most Cayman Aggressor V staterooms are on the lower deck and are roomy and air conditioned.  Two Balcony Stateroom are on the main deck. Finally, the lounge and dive area are on the main deck.  The dive deck is very spacious and has two camera tables. The dive deck opens Sunday morning and runs until noon on Friday. So, after the Friday cocktail party, guests may dine at a local restaurant on Grand Cayman island.
Keep in mind, for scuba divers, the underwater topography around the Cayman Islands is like a natural Disneyland. So perhaps this why dive magazines and blog sites keep ranking them high on the list of top dive destinations.

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