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French Polynesia Master

About French Polynesia Master

French Polynesia Master is a 150ft long scuba diving liveaboard. They have 13 cabins and hold up to 25 guests. The yacht was built in December 2016. So, they have 5 cabins on the lower deck, 2 cabins on the main deck, and 6 cabins on the upper deck. Moreover, they have standard cabins, premium cabins, and single premium cabins. In addition, all cabins have ensuite bathrooms and AC. Enjoy our blog article on Dive into Polynesia with Humpback Whales.

French Polynesia Master Diving

They feature 7- or 10-day scuba diving trips. They may visit such places as Rangitoa Atoll, Fakarava Atoll, Apataki Atoll, Tikehau Island, Kauehi Island and Toau Island, to name a few. During this you may dive outer reefs, passes, channels, coral gardens, and do some very swift drift dives. So, some of the sea creatures you may see while onboard French Polynesia Master include Lemon sharks, gray sharks, black tips, white tips, and nurse sharks. So, eagle rays, bat rays, leopard rays, sting rays and mantas fill out the cartilaginous fish card section. Trigger fish, clown fish, leopard wrasse, scorpion fish, trevally, tunas and barracuda fill out the bonefish list. Turtles, large anemones, and corals add to the background. Whale watches especially for humpbacks, begin August 1st to October 31st. Moreover, this is also when marble groupers like to spawn. Dolphins are on display at any moment’s notice.

Attractions and Activities

Meals are buffet style on board French Polynesia Master. In addition, once a week they may grill on the sundeck. Typically, they will have a light breakfast followed by dive 1, have a full breakfast, do dive 2, have a snack, relax, then do dive 3. As for activities, they generally do 2 tours on Fakarava Island. As for the diving, 3 dives a day is the permitted limit. Open water divers can only go down to 60ft. Advanced qualified divers may descend to 98ft, which is the local max depth, even if you are deep diver certified. They also require over 50 dives in your log book due to the strong currents in some locations. Moreover, it’s best if you are Nitrox/Enriched air qualified as they have Nitrox available. French Polynesia Master uses two tenders, zodiac style, to take out and pick up all the divers. Divers are separated into four groups for the week. They also have a safety boat. After the dive, the lounge, sun deck, and Jacuzzi are great relaxing options.

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