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Kona Aggressor II

About Kona Aggressor II

  Kona Aggressor II is an 80ft long scuba diving live aboard vessel based out of Kona, Hawaii. The 28ft wide catamaran has 6 air conditioned staterooms with ensuite bathrooms. 5 deluxe staterooms have a double bed and a single (upper) bed.  The 1 quad stateroom comes with two full beds and two single beds. So, the Kona Aggressor II takes a maximum of 14 divers to some of the best dive sites off the dry side (Kona) of the geologically young big island of Hawaii. Enjoy our blog article on Sea Turtle’s; The Godfathers of All Dive Magazines?

Kona Aggressor II Diving

While on board a 7-night scuba diving trip, you may experience up to 27 dives. So, one of the most popular dives is a chance to do a night dive with multiple mantas flying above you doing wheel barrel roles and slow rolling turns as they scoop up plankton attracted to the lights. In addition, the night lights while blackwater diving may also attract squids and even occasional seahorses or Spanish dancer nudibranchs. There are also another 49 or so dive sites along the western shore of the island of Hawaii. Moreover, the Kona Aggressor II can take you scuba diving to such sites as Rainbow Reef, Black Coral Forest, Land of Oz, Paradise Pinnacle, Kalokos Arches, Aquarium, Hammerhead, and Garden Eel Grove. From small seahorses and frogfish up to dolphins, pilot whales, and humpback whales, there seems to be a fish or mammal for everyone to view. Not only is it fun to jot down the names of butterflyfish, triggerfish, and parrot fish in your log book, it’s also fun to research their known Hawaiian names as well. Above all, 20% of the local species of fish are only found in the Hawaiian waters. Finally, while some sea going animals such as the Hawaiian Monk seals are rarely seen, others such as green sea turtles seem to swim by on most of the dives.

Attractions and Activities

Now, aboard the Kona Aggressor II, western style meals are served buffet style in the Dining area. The air-conditioned salon is a great place to gather between dives. After a day of scuba diving, you may wish to relax in  the hot tub on 50ft long sundeck. There is also a wet bar in the covered section of the sundeck. Anywhere along the sundeck is a great place to watch for humpback whales and spinner dolphins. You can also watch the sun set over the horizon. As for the diving, from the back of the Kona Aggressor II you can do a giant stride into the water. You can then re-board by using one of the two ladders. A tender is also available depending on the dive conditions. Fresh water showers are located adjacent to each stern re-entry area. Rinse buckets and a large table are available for all your underwater camera needs. We recommend wearing a 3ml wetsuit for all dives. Rental scuba and camera gear is available, but please request in advance.

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