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M/V Truk Master

About M/V Truk Master

M/V Truk Master is a 91ft long scuba diving yacht. They have 8 cabins with ensuite bathrooms and air conditioning. 3 cabins are on the lower deck, 4 on the main deck, and 1 on the upper deck. The vessel was renovated in 2016. So, they can hold up to 16 guests, but allow 12 divers only per trip. MV Truk Master has itineraries for Truk Lagoon for 7 or 10 nights. Their trips to Bikini Atoll in the Marshal Islands may last up to 14 nights. Enjoy our blog article on Truk Lagoon. Why Dive A Wreck When You Can Dive An Entire Fleet?

M/V Truk Master Diving

Do you like scuba diving on wrecks? Truk Lagoon or Chuuk Lagoon is 80 times larger than Pearl Harbor. Japanese ships of all types filled the lagoon. The larger ships were moved a week before the Americans attacked February 17 & 18th, 1944. During the attack, 15 Japanese warships and 32 merchant ships sank. M/V Truk Master will take you to some of these sights plus you may view a few other ships that sank even before the battle. Plates, helmets, masks, sake bottles, and tanks, remain where they came to rest as the ships sank to the bottom of the lagoon area. In addition, both sides shot down what accumulated to 100's of war planes. You can see some of these planes too. Some of the lesser dove wrecks are deep and you need to be technically trained before you get to view them. Bikini Atoll trips are for Tech divers only. Other wrecks you can easily reach the main decks. M/V Truk Master can prepare you with the equipment you need for almost any dive including: air, nitrox, heliox, mixed O2 gases, and rebreather supplies such as CO2 absorbents or cylinder configurations. Please make all personal requests well in advance. Some ships frequented in Chuuk Lagoon include: Hoki Maru, Nippo Maru, Fuitzuki Destroyer, Betty Bomber, and the San Francisco Maru. There are over 300 types of coral growing on the wrecks and places such as Pizion Reef. Lots of fish and sharks patrol this underwater sanctuary.

Attractions and Activities

The dining area on M/V Truk Master is the place for buffet meals on the main deck. More importantly, you can in advance arrange for vegetarian meals. They also have a lounge area here, as well as a bar. So, the sun deck is the place to catch some rays. Finally, on Bikini Atoll where a hydrogen bomb blasted the lagoon some 250ft deep in 1954, the water now forms a safe barrier between you and the radioactive and hazardous wrecks and artifacts.

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