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Red Sea RE Aggressor

About Red Sea RE Aggressor

The Red Sea RE Aggressor is a scuba diving liveaboard yacht based at Port Galib, Egypt. The vessel has 12 staterooms and holds up to 24 guest divers and passengers. There are 4 master staterooms and 8 Deluxe staterooms. Each stateroom comes with either a port window or picture window, air conditioning and ensuite bathroom. Furthermore, a mini-fridge, sound system, and TV with a media player are also stateroom features. Wifi is available when in port.  The RV in the name stands for Royal Evolution. Enjoy our blog article on 110.000 Reasons to Go Liveaboard.

Red Sea RE Aggressor diving

The yacht has 3 different voyage itineraries. The 8day (sat-sat) trip deep south Egypt trip travels usually down to the St. Johns area, Dangerous Reef, over to the Rocky Island area, and back up to the Fury Shoal area and then up to Dolphin house. You may do up to 26 dives including 3-night dives. Wall dives, swim throughs, pinnacles, drift dives, reefs, wrecks, and more are sighted along the way. Dolphins, dugongs, dogfish tuna and Spanish dancers are some of the creatures you may see while touring with the Red Sea RE Aggressor. Hammerheads, thresher sharks, whale sharks, silky sharks, and gray sharks also may make guest appearances. Diving the Sudan gives you 13 nights of sailing and up to 7 night dives. Moreover, you may do a total of 39 dives while onboard Red Sea RE Aggressor. So, expect to encounter schools of fish seldom viewed including hammerheads, barracuda, snapper, manta rays, and reef fish in mass. Untouched corals such as large elephant ear corals, black corals, and pristine soft corals can be found here. On the Sudan Deep South trip plan on seeing most of the above-mentioned dive sites, plus dive Sha’ab Rumi where Jacques Cousteau placed the Pre-Continent II underwater base in 1963. This trip goes all the way down to the Umbria wreck and during this trip you may do up to 9 night dives. The 508ft long Umbria was scuttled in 1940 at 125ft of depth. With her cargo of 3 Fiat 1100 cars, 6000tons of bombs, cases of detonators, and ammunition, she is said to be one of the best wrecks in the world.

Attractions and Activities

Red Sea RE Aggressor chefs prepare Egyptian feasts and local cuisine. Besides breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there is a mid-morning snack and a mid-afternoon snack. Complimentary beverages include coffee, tea, juice, local wine, beer, to name a few. Spirits can be obtained from duty free stores. So. as for activities, you can snorkel between dives, visit a secluded beach, or hike up the stairs of a lighthouse. You can id fish using the ship’s library, view your photos on you room TV, or view 700 plus movies in the Salon. Furthermore, some people prefer to just lounge around on the sun deck near the bar, or step into the hot tub. Shaded lounge areas make the perfect spot to read a great novel. Finally, don’t forget to write notes in your logbook about the thousands of fish that you encountered. Last but not least, try to extend your vacation a few nights. Try to find time to visit the great pyramids of Giza or travel the Nile River to Karnak, Luxor or see the Valley of the Kings.

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