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Cobalt Coast Resort & Suites

About Cobalt Coast Resort & Suites

Cobalt Coast Resort is located on the Northwest coast of Grand Cayman. The scuba diving resort has 21 rooms in the main resort and 3 one bedroom cottages in the garden area. This is a secluded area, and gives you access to picturesque views of the ocean. Enjoy out blog article of the Spotlight Destination: Grand Cayman.

Cobalt Coast Resort Diving

There are over 150 scuba diving sites around Grand Cayman Island. As a result, there are arches, shoots, pinnacles, canyons, sand plains, caves, chimneys, tunnels, and wrecks. Therefore, for scuba divers, the underwater topography is like Disneyland. So, perhaps this why they making the dive magazine's lists of top dive destinations. Cobalt Coast Resort uses Reef Divers as their onsite dive center. They have two of their fleet boats parked out in front on the resort pier, weather permitting. Each boat can carry up to 20 divers. More importantly, Reef Divers is known for their valet style customer service. Moreover, the reef life is plentiful too, with tarpons everywhere, but groupers are king. Cobalt Coast Resort is near dive sites such as, Bonnie's Arch, Orange Canyon, and Heppe's Pipline. Reef divers does 2 dives in the morning and one in the afternoon. At noon, they typically go to Stingray City or  the Kittywake.

Attractions and Activities

If you want to get away from it all, this may be your ideal vacation getaway. At Cobalt Coast Resort you can view the ocean from your lounge chair on the raised sand beach near the pool. Furthermore, you can view the Caribbean waters while seated in the open air restaurant for breakfast and lunch. So for dinner you may just wish to watch the sunset. The chefs prepare buffet choices along with a la cart items depending on your package plans or preferences. In addition, you can visit Duppies Bar for beverages and light meals. Once again, the sun and ocean are conveniently located nearby. Speaking of convenience, snorkeling and shore diving at House Reef are accessible just a few steps away at the ocean dock (weather permitting). Ask about a guided night shore dive too.

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