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Kungkungan Bay Resort

About Kungkungan Bay Resort

Kungkungan Bay Resort is the original international scuba diving resort in the heart of the Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi Indonesia. This resort has 17 guest rooms; 16 out of 17 are beach front accommodations. So, the styles include Beachfront cottage suites, Beachfront traditional houses, Beachfront villas, and Hillside villas. There is also one Owner's Suite. The rooms are built in the local traditional Minihasen style. However, they have wester bathrooms and feature minibars, walk-in showers, and air conditioning. Enjoy our blog articles on North Sulawesi Indonesia Part One and North Sulawesi, Indonesia Part Two.

Kungkungan Bay Resort Diving

You’re are in the scuba diving epicenter of the Lembeh Strait and undisputedly the muck diving capital of the world. The waters are famous for creatures that are as small as a leaf, look like a leaf, or swim like a leaf. You might see the flamboyant cuttlefish, blue ring octopus, or mating squid. Then again, you might see a rare hairy frogfish or a sea fan home to two dozen pygmy seahorses. The scuba diving staff of Kungkungan Bay Resort will be glad to point them out. Keep in mind that there are over 50-60 dive sites out here. Some of the more popular ones include: Nudi Falls, Jahir, TK 1, Hairball, and the wreck of the Mawali. Plan on diving 3 dives a day, or more, if you can squeeze in a night dive. Most dives site are less than 15 minutes away.
Most importantly, there are 8 species of frogfish, 12 species of octopus, and 3 species of pygmy seahorses in these waters. You might even see some of these rare creatures when you dive Kungkungan Bay Resort House Reef. So, did we mention that the house reef is actually a private bay and only guests of the resort can dive here? Fishing in the bay has also been off limits for over 25 years, so expect to see more fish and invertebrate life density here than anywhere else in Lembeh Strait. The KBR dive center has limited scuba equipment for rent as well as camera rental equipment. Please, ask about the options in advance. Moreover, they have their own dedicated camera room complete with AC.

Attractions and Activities

Kungkungan Bay Resort has a large octagonal building right on or slightly over the shore line. The bay here is quite tranquil. This is the location for the resort lobby, the main restaurant, and Capt. Billy's Bar. The main restaurant serves world cuisine and Indonesian delicacies, and are open 24 hours. Capt. Billy's Bar serves American bar food. Everything is close by including the two sides of black sand beach and the private pier/dock. From the lounge chairs next to the pool, you can look over the infinity pool and view the Lembeh Strait. So, you can also get in the swimming pool and glide right up to the pool bar. The pool doubles as the site of their outdoor BBQ. Finally, a 3-5ml long sleeve wetsuit is recommended for general diving protection.

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