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Onong Resort

About Onong Resort

Onong Resort is a scuba diving resort on the island of Siladen in the heart of the Bunaken National Marine Park in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The resort has 10 accommodations. There are 4 Sea View Cottages, and 3 Garden Cottages with AC, mini-bar, ceiling fans and private bathrooms.  In addition, 3 Standard rooms are available with ceiling fans and access to private bathrooms at the end of the hall. Enjoy our blog article on The Cuttlefish; The Undisputed Master of Camouflage.

Onong Resort Diving

Celebes Divers is the scuba diving center adjacent to the hotel and shared with another adjacent boutique resort.  Celebes Divers have a valet diving service. So, once your system is set up and you've gone diving, the staff rinses your gear off, then sets it up and has it ready to go for the next day of diving. Next to Onong Resort they also have a dedicated camera room, rental gear and a gift shop. So, they have a fleet of dive boats. The larger Pirahu boats have a sundeck and toilet, and can carry 14 divers. The smaller speed boat carries 6 divers. At Celebes Divers, they prefer to use a dive guide with each group of 4 divers. You can also hire your own guide for photographic sessions. Moreover, they have a marine biologist available for private dives. You can also do a guided Onong Resort house reef dive, go on a night dive, or even a sunset dive to watch the mandarin fish court and mate. They also do muck dives in the sand near Manado on the mainland. So, there are some 50 scuba diving sites around Onong Resort and the four other islands that make up the marine park. However, most of these sites are wall dives. Some of the walls descend from 200m to 1800m deep. With 390 species of coral, and over 2000 species of fish it is a photographer's dream come true. So, you may see seahorses, frogfish, sharks, or whale sharks. You might even see dugongs too. In addition, chambered nautiluses rise up from depth at night. And down below 100m a brown species of coelacanth lobefin fish thought extinct for some 65 million years, hide in caves and under overhangs.

Attractions and Activities

Onong Resort has a Bar and restaurant and you can walk around just about anywhere barefoot. Breakfast is continental buffet style. However, you can order hot items as well. Dinner is mostly buffet style. Depending on your package, lunch is buffet style or it can be ordered from a menu. As for activities, you can read or borrow a book from the small library selection or play billiards in the sand. They also have a message room and Spa menu. As for tours, you can take a dolphin tour, take a day trip to Banka Island. Other tours are available.

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