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Qamea Resort

About Qamea Resort

Qamea Resort is on the island of Qamea in Fiji. This boutique scuba diving resort has 15 luxury bures (villas) with air conditioning. The resort can accommodate up to 30 guests, and it is set on 100 acres of lush gardens and next to white sand beaches. Out of some 330 islands that make up Fiji,  Qamea is the 12th largest island. Enjoy our blog article on Experience the Fiji Fire walkers of Beqa Island.

Qamea Resort Diving

The area was christened the soft coral capital of the world by Jacques Cousteau himself. Purple Wall, Qamea Freeway, Playground, Midway Reef, Horseshoe Bay, and Swirling Coconuts are just some of the sites you can visit. Besides soft coral, you will see hard corals of every shape and size including large brain corals. Giant tridacna clams are residents at one site, while giant mantas are located at the cleaning stations of another. The Qamea Resort dive center uses small boats to take you out to most of the dive sites as they are close by: ten minutes away. Depending on the tides, they also have 2 one tank charter dives available for hire to White Wall and Rainbow Reef or 2 one tank dives at Yellow Wall, home of the carnation corals. You can even dive from shore on the house reef or do a night dive from shore too.

Attractions and Activities

At the Qamea Resort, the gourmet fresh prepared food meal can be part of a set meal plan or a la carte. Private picnics, and in room dining can also be arranged. They have lots activities from trekking and bird watching, to village tours, to standard snorkel tours, and Premium snorkel tours to Rainbow Reef. They also have a kava ceremony, and Meke cultural event. The Boumea waterfall trip is quite popular, but like many other trips, they are weather dependent. When the trails turn to mud, this is when its time at Qamea Resort to try some local activities.  Besides snorkeling and scuba diving, there is kayaking, paddle boarding, fitness gym, or slip inside a hot tub. There is also a designated spot for yoga sessions and a giant chessboard. So you could also just relax in a lounge chair, hammock, or visit the Spa. To get here, all it takes is a short flight from Nadi to Tavenui. Next, take a 30 min van ride to the boat launch. Finally take a 10 minute boat ride to Qamea.

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