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Wananavu Beach Resort

About Wananavu Beach Resort

Wananavu Beach Resort is 2 1/2 hours north of Nadi, Fiji near the village of Rakiraki on the Sun Coast. They have 34 bures in various styles from garden, beach, ocean view, and on up to the honeymoon suite. The rooms have no phones, radios, or Tv's, but it's not as primitive as can be, because of the air conditioning, ceiling fans, motor cars, scuba diving boats and more. They just want to give scuba divers a relaxed tropical atmosphere.

Wananavu Beach Resort Diving

Dive Wananavu is the onsite scuba diving center. They use two custom built dive boats to take you out to over 30 local dive locations. So in this part of Fiji you are scuba diving the Bligh waters and Vatu-I-Ra Passage. Large pelagics are frequent visitors, but everyone wants to see the white frog fish. Around Wananavu Beach Resort there are drift dives, wall dives, swim throughs, pinnacles and shallow dives across bommies. Some aptly named sites include: the Arches, Amazing Maze, Blue Wall, Cathedrals, Black Magic Mountain, and Golden Dreams. The picturesque dive site E6 is named after slide film so heavily used here during non-digital era. In addition, they have the Papuan Explorer, and the large Ovalau car ferry. For more insight on Wananavu Beach Resort, you may enjoy our blog article on Experience the Fijian Fire Walkers of Beqa Island.

Attractions and Activities

So, at Wananavu Beach Resort, scuba divers do 2 one tank dives in the morning or an all day 3 tank dive trip or other arrangements can be made. When not diving, they have kayaks, snorkeling, and the swimming pool. There are also board games, cards, play tennis, or even crab races. You can also go on a beach picnic, and dolphin watching. On one excursion you can go meet a village, then walk or hire a horse to go to the waterfalls. They also do island discovery tours, a Nacagicagi Mountain hike, and/or a sunset cruise. So, at Wananavu Beach Resort, breakfast begins with a buffet selection of freshly baked breads and fresh fruits and a la carte meals. Lunch is more international. As the sun goes down, flares are lit, guitars begin to play, the Kava Bowl is filled and dinner is served. Experience the ultimate serenity with a visit to the Wai Spa.

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