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PAW Code User Application

Code User Application
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    Maduro Dive, hereafter, Maduro, owns and will retain ownership (including all intellectual property rights) to the existing code and any new developments or enhancements or functionality of the code in the future. Nothing shall be deemed to transfer ownership to the user. The use of this code is exclusive to the approved user and not to any of its partners, third parties or any other entity or individual. User agrees to not assign, modify or alter the code in any manner. The code provided by Maduro to user is only for the website stipulated on this application.

    User agrees to install PAW code, at their expense, and to display on their website the information from Maduro’s code and use its best efforts to inform its associates and clients of the existence of this information. User also agrees to use its best efforts sell to its clients individual dive travel provided by Maduro.

    Either party can notify and cancel the use of Maduro’s code at any time for any reason. Maduro is not liable for any loss of use, interruption of business, lost profits, or damages. While every effort is made by Maduro to provide accurate information, Maduro is not responsible for errors or omissions. All dive products offered by Maduro are subject to availability and restrictions. Both, Maduro and User shall hold all information relative to this Agreement, except as otherwise stated, as confidential.

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