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About Barbados

Barbados is a scuba diving destination in the West Indies in the Atlantic Ocean. The island is approximately 21mi long by 14mi wide. The first islanders settled here around 1600BC. The Arawak moved in around 800-1200AD and then they were replaced by the Kalinaga around 13th century. The Spanish stopped by in 1511 and the English colony came to be in 1627. Barbados sits right on the edge of tectonic plates. Each year one plate passes under the island and the island increases 1 inch in height every 1,000 years. Above all, literally, there are areas where the coral is 300 feet thick. One thing to note, that where there is an abundance of lime stone, there is also an abundance of caves created by rainwater’s slow yet determined solvent properties. The wet season is June to December, and the dry season is December to May. Enjoy our blog article on The Cuttlefish The Undisputed Master of Camouflage.

Diving Barbados

The most popular wreck out here is the 365ft long SS Stavronikita. The 165ft long Pamir is also quite popular due to its shallower depth. In the Carlisle Bay Marine Park there are 5 wrecks. Maycocks Bay has a long reef and white sands. You may see up to four types of turtle out here including green, loggerhead, hawksbill and leatherback. Hawksbill come ashore to lay eggs June thru November. Some of the other scuba diving sites include: Shark’s Bank, Dottins, Little Sandy Lane, Barracuda Junction, the deep, and G-SpotClarke's Bank is known for its blue stripped grunts, yellow tail snapper, and an occasional black jack or white sided Atlantis Submarine filled with big eyed tourists. You may also see pods of dolphins, parrotfish and/or Pilot whales.

Accommodations, Attractions, Activities

Barbados has numerous luxury resorts, hotels, and inns. Depending on the accommodations you choose, you may look forward to having access to tennis courts, or working out at a fitness gym. Besides the shopping in Bridgetown, you might like a ride in the Atlantis Submarine Barbados, or exploring Harrison’s Cave. You can also view the Barbados Museum and the George Washington house. So, you can also take a catamaran cruise, visit a wildlife preserve, or go deep sea fishing. Furthermore, you may wish to visit the golfing greens at Sandy Lane or at the Royal Westmoreland. For some strange reason the Mount Gay Rum distillery is quite popular. They’ve been making great tasting rum since 1703. So, the Banks Barbados Brewery is also based in Barbados. You may like to take a hike; the highest point is Mt. Hillaby at 1,115 feet above sea level. Finally, with the Atlantic surf on the east and Caribbean waters on the west you can find the perfect spot for kayaking, paddle boarding, or Hobie cat sailing. Quaint towns, numerous shops and restaurants, rolling hills, beautiful beaches, and year-round water sports are just some of Barbados great offerings.

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