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About Bonaire

Bonaire is a diver's paradise for scuba diving from boats and shore diving. The Island is a coveted destination for both scuba divers and snorkelers. Being a Dutch Caribbean island means it has a good infrastructure as well as high standards for education, healthcare and sanitation. Because the locals speak several languages including English, conversation is easy. The American dollar is the currency of the island. Bonaire's location in the southern Caribbean is outside the hurricane belt. Read original Blog posts featuring the islands' history, diving and attractions on our  blog story Destination Spotlight: Bonaire .


The marine park was established in 1979 and as a result protects the offshore coral reefs and manages the islands marine resources. Therefore, only 1 boat is allowed on a dive site. As a result, the dive sites are uncrowded. Scuba diving in Bonaire offers healthy coral reefs, 600 types of fish life and invertebrates. Scuba divers can choose from 100 boat dive sites and easily accessible shore diving. There are little to no currents on coral reefs or wrecks. As a result, Bonaire is excellent for beginner to veteran scuba divers.
 The destination has more scuba diving awards from divers than any other Caribbean Island. It is ranked #1 by certified divers for shore diving and ease of scuba diving. As such, many divers frequently return every year. Underwater photographers dive there because of its clear calm waters and abundant fish life. All boat rides to the coral reefs are short. Water entry from dive boats is a giant stride, back roll or equipment can be donned in the water. Popular dive sites include Carl's Hill, Hilma Hooker, Rappel and Cliff.


Accommodations include many oceanfront dive resort, condos, apartments and houses. As such, single divers, couples, groups and families will find the right accommodations. Restaurants are plentiful and the cuisine is varied. Washington Slagbaai National Park, the donkey sanctuary, Klein Bonaire and pink flamingos at Goto lake are among the attractions that should be visited. Given the calm waters and fringing reefs of Bonaire, snorkeling, kayaking mangroves, strolling waterfront shops and beaches are the key activities.

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