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About Dominica

Dominica is a mountainous Caribbean country located in the Lesser Antilles. Pristine reefs mean rewarding scuba diving. Also known as "The Nature Island” due to its lush varied flora, fauna and rain forests. There are extensive protected national parks in addition to exciting dive sites. As a result, it has 365 rivers, streams and multiple waterfalls. Lava craters from volcanic peaks create lakes. Here you’ll find Boiling Lake, the world’s second-largest thermally active lake. Also, prevalent are extensive bird and land species. Consequently, this destination mirrors a South Pacific island. Arawak, Taino and then Caribs tribes as well as European and African traditions contribute to the culture. Read Dominica The Nature Island

Diving Dominica

Including dramatic walls, healthy reefs, drop offs, canyons and pinnacles, Dominica offers remarkable dive sites. Thus, it’s sea life and underwater scenery is as impressive as its mountainous land. Deep and shallow waters on the west and east coast respectively, means whale encounters year-round. Namely, sperm whales (November-March), false killer whales and short finned pilot whales. Also expect Atlantic spotted dolphins, bottlenose, spinner and Fraser’s dolphins. There are three marine reserves where scuba diving occurs. Generally, most diving occurs in the south and central west of the island. Usually, dive boats will be on moored sites for scuba diving. Champagne Reef gets its name from bubbles coming from underwater hot springs. Seahorses, frogfish, squid, large crabs and lobsters are common sightings. This site is excellent for night dives. Crater's Edge has massive varieties of fish. Besides the fish, the wall is covered in colorful and giant barrel sponges. Similarly, another wall dive is Scott’s Head Drop Off. Especially colorful sponges, multiple invertebrates and crustaceans are on display. L’Abym (La Sourcier) mimics underwater the topography Dominica. Here, a surface cliff descends into an enormous wall with blue water on each side. Besides the landscape, find seahorses, scorpion fish and turtles.

Accommodations, Attractions, Activities

There are both larger and smaller hotels that cater to all visiting divers and vacationers. Compared to other destinations, there is no shortage of attractions or activities beyond scuba diving. The Dominica National Museum is housed in an 1810 colonial building. Morne Trois Piton National Park is your gateway to the Emerald pool and tubing on the Layou river. There are no shortages of day tours. Such as jeep safaris, whale watching, Carib Indian and Boiling Lake. Here, hiking thru rain forests to numerous spectacular waterfalls is a must.

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