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About Grenada

Grenada is a country in the West Indies of the Eastern Caribbean. Including the main island, there are six smaller northern islands. As a result of being surrounded by ocean and sea, scuba diving is a significant activity. Grenada is known as the "The Spice Island”. Coupled with its production of nutmeg and mace crops, makes it one of the world's largest exporters. Similarly, its culture is a mixture of French, African and British influences. Thus, this antiquity features Georgian architecture, historical forts and olden rum distilleries. Its original inhabitants were the Arawaks and Caribs. There, culture is expressed through music, pageantry, poetry and dance. English is the official language but Creole is widely used. Cricket is the national and most popular sport.

Diving Grenada

Scuba diving this island will appeal to every diver's experience level. Reefs, coral gardens, walls and ship wrecks are included among the 35 dive sites. Warm and clear waters means greater visibility of marine species. Accordingly, underwater life ranges from tiny invertebrates to large pelagic types. Read more: Grenada: Shipwrecks, Spice, and Beaches Delight Above all, for wreck divers, is the Bianca C. This 600 foot ship, Caribbean’s largest, sank in 1961. Its live decorations include colorful sponges, black coral, eagle rays and schools of fish. Shark Reef attract abundant pelagic life. Therefore, expect sharks, southern stingrays, spotted eagle rays and turtles. Kahanee Reef showcases beautiful underwater gardens. Here is a pallet of colors with corals, fans, sponges and sea whips. Also, eels, lobsters, crabs, sea stars, queen conch and other mollusks cling to the coral. Lastly, Grenada Marine Park has exciting dive sites. Dragon Bay is a slope and Flamingo Bay a wall. But both will appeal to divers and snorkelers. Before any other, this island established the world’s first underwater sculpture park.

Accommodations, Attractions, Activities

There are accommodations for everyone. The Grenada National Museum is in the capital city St. George's. It houses rare antiques and collectibles from the past. Historical sites include Fort George and Fort Matthew. In addition to forts, visit the Belmont and Westerhall estates. The annual Grenada Chocolate Festival includes visits to cocoa farms. Next, after scuba diving, are numerous beaches, national parks, gardens, land and water tours. Morne Gazo is one of many hiking trails that include rainforest, waterfalls, hills and views.

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