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About Maldives

The Maldives, officially the Republic of Maldives, is a country in South Asia. It's located in the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean. Scuba diving here means encountering pelagic and abundant marine species. The country consists of 26 atolls. Live coral reefs comprise the atolls. Furthermore, within these atolls are a total of 1100 small islands. There are navigable channels thru these atolls and islands. As a result, divers encounter a rich and varied aquatic environment. So, this the smallest Asian country by land area and population. Besides it size, it only has an average elevation of 5 feet. Thus, rising sea levels are a major threat. Malé is the capital and the most populated city. It has a tropical monsoon climate.

Diving the Maldives

The Maldives are prized for their wide range of marine habitats. Therefore, this scuba diving region is dramatic, varied, and perfect for exploring. Local reef ecosystems include channels, overhangs, drop offs, shallow coastal and deeper underwater islands called Thila. There are 187 coral, 1050 fish, 400 mollusk and hundreds of crustacean species. The local waters are extremely clear with high visibility. Scuba diving the colorful reefs, teeming with life, is an underwater photographer's paradise. In particular, diving here means encountering many pelagic species. Shark, turtle, whale, dolphin, rays, tuna, wrasse, grouper are but some of many local species. Read our blog story:    The Maldives: A Garland of Islands in the Indian Ocean There are numerous scuba diving sites associated with the country’s atolls. Subsequently, divers will be rewarded wherever they choose to dive. Whale sharks and manta rays are top attractions for Ari and North Male Atoll. Manta Point dive site showcases manta ray cleaning stations. South Male Atoll channels attract many pelagic fish. Rasdhoo Atoll is famous for Scalloped Hammerhead sharks. Also, Aduuls Atoll has Turtle Point with increasing numbers of turtles, white/black tip reef sharks and eagle rays. Lastly, Baa Atoll has brilliant carpets of swaying soft corals with an abundance of reef fish.

Accommodations, Attractions, Activities

In addition to dive resorts, dive liveaboards offer the best opportunity for underwater experiences. Historic artifacts at the Maldives' National Museum in Male' trace the history of the country. Old Friday Mosque dates back to 1656, is made of coral stone and intricately decorated. Above all, water related activities and beaches are essential to any visit. There are also walking tours in Male’.

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