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Bahamas Aggressor

About Bahamas Aggressor

Bahamas Aggressor is a scuba diving liveaboard yacht based out of Nassau, Bahamas. So, they have 5 deluxe guest cabins that feature a double bed with a single bunk above, and one quad cabin that offers 4 single (double bunk style) beds, which is great if you have a family or 4 close friends. All together, the vessel can accommodate a group of up to 14 guests with 5 crew members. Each cabin has an ensuite bathroom with shore, TV monitor and media player, a hair dryer, and air conditioning. Enjoy our blog article on Diving the Bahamas with Max Gilbert.

Bahamas Aggressor Diving

They have 3 scuba diving itineraries from 7- 10 night trips in length. Exuma Cays trip goes from Nassau to Eleuthera. The West End Northern Adventure travels around Bimini, and the Tiger Beach trip strategically circles around Freeport. on a 7 night trip expect up to 27 dives and on a 10 night trip plan up to 42 dives. One some days you can do up to 5 dives a day, but on the last day of crossings you might only have time for 1 morning dive.  Keep in mind, that there are no night dives at Tiger Beach. Bahamas Aggressor does have rental scuba gear and rental photography equipment, and Nitrox is available. Moreover, staff of the Bahamas Aggressor do teach advanced open water diving, Nitrox/Enriched Air Diving, and Underwater Photography. However, its best to come here with enough open water dives already logged, so that you are already a competent and comfortable open water diver. They have a dive guide on every dive for safety, but they let you lead your own dive plan with your buddy, as experienced divers come to expect. So, you'll dive walls, reefs, and swim throughs. You may see gray sharks, black tips, lemons, bulls, nurse, and whale sharks. You might also see dolphins even before you get underwater and whales on occasion. Some of the dive sites may include Amberjack Reef, Crack Coral Head, Black Tip Wall, Monolith, Cave Rock, Lost Blue Hole, Periwinkle Reef, Pilar Wall and the Austin Smith defense force wreck.

Attractions and Activities

Breakfast is cooked to Order and Lunch is buffet style. They also have mid-morning snacks and mid-afternoon snacks. Dinner is sit down with international cuisine. So, they also have softdrinks, water, coffee and tea, and a selection of beer and wine for dinner. Above all, the sun deck has a wet bar and hot tub. The lounge/dining has a large screen TV for watching movies. In addition, the dive area has a large camera/video table and 2 hot showers. Finally, there may be times when you can go swimming, snorkeling or beach combing.

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