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Bilikiki Cruises

About Bilikiki Cruises

Bilikiki Cruises has a 125ft long 24ft wide scuba diving liveaboard. They operate the vessel out of Honiara in the Solomon Islands. The 10 guest rooms are air conditioned and have ensuite bathrooms. They have 8 deluxe cabins with double beds and a bunk, and 2 deluxe cabins with single bunk beds. So, their 7-night cruise goes to the Russel Islands, Mborokua (Mary) Island, and the Florida islands. In addition, the 10-14 night cruises goes over to Marovo Lagoon in the New Georgia Islands. Enjoy our blog article on 110,000 Reasons to go Liveaboard.

Bilikiki Cruises Diving

On non-transit days, expect to get in 4 dives a day plus a night dive. So, they use tenders called "tinnies" to take you out to the sites and back to the liveaboard. Moreover, there are hundreds of dive sites around the 992 islands. Some of the popular hot spots include: Leru Cut, Mirror Pond, Mbulo Caves, and Cave of the Custom Shark, Mary's Island, Morovo Lagoon, Devil's Highway and Twin Tunnels. While on Bilikiki Cruises, you can explore a plethora of World War II and the battle of Guadalcanal wrecks. Some popular wrecks include: Bonegi I the Hirokawa Maru and Bonegi II the Kinugawa Maru. The Searpens, Wildcat F4F, Douglas Dauntless bomber, a Japanese I1 submarine, the H6K4 Kawanishi Flying Boat, Japanese supply ships, a B-17 Bomber, and “White Beach”. You might also like diving the Wreck of the Ann and the Uepi fishing pier.

Attractions and activities

You will be scuba diving pristine reefs, exploring tunnels, caves, wrecks and identifying multitudes of fish. However, there will be times between dives on Bilikiki Cruises to meet with local villagers, go kayaking or go snorkeling. Off the boat you can also visit archaeological caves, see the skulls of former head hunters, and/or view waterfalls and rivers. Moreover, you can visit the Vilu War Museum and the American War Museum, or purchase local foods, wood carvings, and experience local markets and customs. So, onboard there is plenty of space for photographers and their gear. The dive deck has a long-carpeted camera table. There are also camera only rinse stations. Between dives, the food is a culinary treat from the local islands, Europe, and America. Fresh fruits and vegetables are purchased from the local villages.

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