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Black Pearl

About Black Pearl

Black Pearl is a 153ft long scuba diving yacht based in Malakal Port, Palau. They typically have 11 cabins for 22 divers, but if you charter the entire ship, then they have 12 cabins for 24 divers max. So, Lower deck cabins have porthole views and Main deck cabins have window sea views. Moreover, Master Sea View cabins are located on the upper deck. More importantly, all cabins have air conditioning, ensuite bathrooms, hair dryer, led tv, and a safe box. Enjoy our blog article: Palau, Devine Diving and World War Wrecks.

Black Pearl Diving

They have 7- or 10-night scuba diving trips to choose from. On a 7-night trip expect to do 18 dives and on the 10-night trip plan up to 27 dives. So, 2 shaded tenders take divers out to the dive sites. Best of all you have a chance to see 1400 species of fish out here as well as spawning red snapper and humphead parrotfish. Oh, and a rare species of dugong. Now, there are walls, tunnels, channels, and a blue hole to explore. Above all, there are WWII wrecks to explore. The 502ft long oil tanker Amatsu Maru is the largest wreck in Micronesia. Some of the ships sunk have not been identified, and so Palau has dive sites called Buoy 6, which is the resting site of a 100ft long submarine chaser. Helmet Wreck is the site of a 189ft long cargo steamer where you will see Japanese war helmets, gas masks, ceramic sake bottles, carbine riffles, machine guns, and stacks of ammunition. Also wrecks of note are Jake’s Sea Plane: an Aichi E13A1-1 Navy Float plane at 45ft deep, and the almost intact Zeke Fighter zero at just a few feet of depth and great for snorkelers at high tide.

 Attractions and Activities

Chef prepared buffet style meals are served aboard Black Pearl 3 times a day as well as light snacks starting before the first dive. The main deck has outdoor seating, a bar, and jacuzzi. The sun deck has sun beds and extra panoramic view seating. There is an entertainment salon, restaurant, café, gym equipment and a business center. A chance to view freshwater jellyfish is a very popular excursion. So, a large camera station is also available for divers. They also have four professional guides, and Nitrox (enriched air) is free.

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