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Blackbeard’s Cruises

About Blackbeard’s Cruises

Blackbeard’s Cruises has 2 (twin) 65ft long scuba diving sailboats based out of Nassau in the beautiful, bountiful, Bahamas. These sail yachts, Sea Explorer & Morning Star, have dormitory style guest accommodations with 9 upper and lower guest bunks. So, 4 of the double bunks are single space width and 5 are double space width. Moreover, the bathrooms are shared, as well as the showers. In fact, they like to point out that hot showers are a luxury, enjoy them before you arrive! So, while there isn’t a lot of privacy, the fun, adventure, and camaraderie more than makes up for it. Enjoy our blog article on 110,000 Reasons to Go Liveaboard.

Blackbeard’s Cruises Diving

So, the accommodations might be tight, but the scuba diving is awesome. Furthermore, the camaraderie and adventure on theses dive trips keep divers coming back year after year. 6 nights, all-inclusive and up to 18 or 19 dives. So, you leave Saturday at noon, and head for Exuma Cays. Sunday through Wednesday you may do upwards of 4 dives a day; 3 dives in the day time and 1 at night. Thursday, plan on two dives before arriving in Nassau at 2-5pm, but you don’t disembark till Friday at 9am. During the dives plan on visiting reefs, walls, wrecks, and a blue hole. Some of the dive sites include Periwinkle Reef, Amberjack Reef, Jeep Reef, Pilar Wall,  Whale Tail, Hole in the Wall, Lost Blue Hole, Jake’s Hole, and Hammerhead Gulch. Oh, and yes, the former self-defense 90ft long Austin Smith wreck (HMSB Flamingo).

Attractions and Activities

Onboard Blackbeard’s Cruises, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are picnic style out doors or inside next to the galley. There are between meal snack offered after dives, and a fruit hammock available 25/7. This cruise is perfect for just about anyone as they do discover scuba for non-divers, and open water referrals for those that have already completed the pool like condition sessions. Furthermore, they do open water courses, and specialty courses such as boat diver, deep, night, and underwater naturalist. Finally, they also have a limited supply of high quality rental gear. When not diving, try halyard swinging, beach combing, free diving, circling the Blue Hole, fish feeding at Periwinkle Reef, and sailing if the wind is right. Finally, there is deep sea fishing, where your efforts to hook a wahoo, tuna, or mahi mahi, may culminate into the favored catch of the day special at dinner.

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