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Cocos Island Aggressor

About Cocos Island Aggressor

Cocos Island Aggressor is a 124ft long scuba diving luxury yacht. The vessel is based out of Puntarenas, which is just northward of San Jose, Costa Rica. So, the ship can hold 22 guests in 11 staterooms. There are 4 Master Staterooms with large picture windows on the upper deck. In addition, there are 7 Deluxe Staterooms with two single beds on the lower deck with 2 portholes. All staterooms on Cocos Island Aggressor have ensuite bathrooms and showers, monitors with media player and hairdryer. Enjoy our blog story: 110,000 Reasons to Go Liveaboard.

Cocos Island Aggressor Diving

This trip is a 10-night scuba diving adventure. Because the island is 342 miles from the mainland, it takes 36 hours to get there and back. Therefore, diving begins on day 3 and day 9 you are heading back to Puntarenas. So, expect to dive some 21 dives while aboard Cocos Island Aggressor. Please keep in mind that this location is a UNESCO World Heritage site and that night diving is not allowed. Divers need a 3-5mm wet suit and all dives are done from 2 tenders. Most of all, you should see plenty of schooling fish out here including schooling sharks. Rainbow runners, yellow tail snapper, bigeye jacks, sailfish and marlin swim by frequently. Eagle rays, mobula rays, and marble rays as well as Galapagos sharks, hammerheads, and white tip sharks give chase to plankton and small fish accordingly. From the deck of Cocos Island Aggressor, you might view orcas, humpbacks, pilots and false killer whales. On the reefs keep a lookout for frog fish, lobster, and moray eels.

Attractions and Activities

Aboard Cocos Island Aggressor breakfast and lunch are buffet style. The chef prepares dinner and it is served to guests. Meals include international favorites as well as local cuisine. Ask the chef if you have dietary concerns. Many of the guests take advantage of the loungers on sundeck between dives. There is also a hot tub and BBQ grill. A shaded cocktail area is located on the upper deck. Above all, the modern lounge and restaurant are located on the main deck. Day trips to the secluded forests and waterfalls are must do excursions.

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