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Glory Sea Explorer Red Sea Egypt

About Glory Sea Explorer Red Sea Egypt

Glory Sea Explorer is a scuba diving luxury liveaboard located in Egypt and exploring the Northern, Eastern, and Southern Red Sea. So, the vessel has one extremely large suite on the upper deck. Staterooms are also located on the Upper Deck as well as the Lower Deck. Moreover, all guest rooms have air conditioning, personal fridges, safes, and ensuite baths with showers. There is Complimentary Wi-Fi when coverage is available. Enjoy our blog article on Sea Turtles: The Godfathers of the Scuba Dive Magazines.

Glory Sea Explorer Diving

They have several scuba diving itineraries to choose from and most include 7-night trips. So, on one trip they visit Brothers Islands, Daedelus Reef and Elphinstone Reef. On another itinerary they go to St. Johns or Fury Shoal or northward bound. Expect to encounter wall dives, swim throughs, pinnacles, drift dives, and pristine reefs. Dolphins, dugongs, dogfish tuna, and Spanish dancers are some of the creatures you may see while touring with Glory Sea Explorer. Hammerheads, thresher sharks, whale sharks, silky sharks, and gray sharks also may make guest appearances. So, expect to encounter schools of fish and sharks including hammerheads, barracuda, snapper, manta rays, and reef fish in mass. Untouched corals include large elephant ear corals, black corals, and pristine soft corals. Finally, there are some world class wrecks to view such as the SS Thistlegorm and the wreck of the Yolanda. Free Nitrox is available for those Nitrox certified.

Attractions and Activities

Most meals aboard Glory Sea Explorer are served buffet style except for outdoor barbecue dinners. Choices for entrees can range from European, Asian, and other international cuisine. Breakfast is typically eggs, pancakes, cereal, yoghurt, fruit, and pastries. If you have dietary restrictions, please note them on your initial application form. As for things to do between dives, you may wish to sunbathe on the Fly Deck.  The Upper Deck has an al-fresco dining area and a bar. The Main Deck is exactly where you would expect to find the main dining and lounge area as well as a large TV and stereo system. We should also mention the camera charging stations and the extra space on the dive deck for cameras. Because of some currents, divers should be advanced qualified and have logged 50 dives. Also, reserve a few days before or after the trip to see Cairo, Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, the Nile River, Pyramids, and so much more.

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