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MV Galapagos Sky

About MV Galapagos Sky

The MV Galapagos Sky is a 100ft long scuba diving yacht and has 8 luxury cabins for a total of 16 guests. The cabins have air conditioning, ensuite bathrooms, bathrobes, and a detail to amenities. The ship has a crew of 10 including the captain, chef, 7 sailors, and two naturalists that provide 5 star service. Nitrox is complimentary on this excursion. You can fly to the islands from Guayaquil or Quito, Ecuador. Enjoy our blog article on these 15-18 volcanic islands; The Galapagos Islands: A Natural Selections for Divers.

MV Galapagos Sky Scuba Diving

This is where the nutrient filled waters of three major currents collide. Therefore, large pelagics migrate here to feed on large populations of smaller fish and plankton. Strong currents up to 5 knots, and down drafts make this area unsuitable for scuba diving with less than advanced diver certification and 50-100 logged dives in similar current conditions and using similar dive equipment. In exchange for your accumulated dive knowledge and physical fitness, you may see 28 different species of sharks, and 500 species of fish: 17% of these creatures are only found in these islands. So, just like Darwin, while onboard the MV Galapagos Sky, you may view flightless cormorants, marine iguanas, equatorial penguins, and indigenous seals. You may also do up to 19 dives in one of the most exclusive and legendary ecosystems in the world.

Attractions and Activities

Every voyage they go out to Darwin and Wolf Island. Divers already Enriched Air / Nitrox certified can do up to 4 dives a day. Warm up after every dive with a hot towel and warm beverage on the MV Galapagos Sky. From June to early December when the waters are colder, you need a 7ml wetsuit, hood, and gloves. The rest of the year you may get by with a 5ml wetsuit, but a hood and gloves are recommended. Moreover, when the waters are colder, the mantas are out and hammerheads go to school. When the waters are warmer, you may even see whale sharks. Finally, from the MV Galapagos Sky, plan on doing at least 3 exciting land tours. Climb Bartolome for the view, visit Santa Cruz where giant tortoises chillax, and visit the Interpretation Center on San Cristobal. Delicious fresh meals are prepared daily and served in the separate fine dining area. To say that the Galapagos Islands make up a thriving ecosystem is an understatement. Think you've seen it and done it all? Then exploring the Galapagos Islands is the next trip for you.

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