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NAI’A Liveaboard

About NAI’A Liveaboard

The NAI'A Liveaboard is a 120ft long 30ft wide scuba diving yacht that explores the famous Bligh Water and the Koro Sea in Fiji.  The area is N.E. of Viti Levu in Fiji and you've probably already seen the soft corals from the region in an IMAX film or National Geographic style documentary. The ship has 9 staterooms with ensuite bathrooms for 18 guests, and has a crew of 14. They also do whale watching itineraries in Tonga. Enjoy our blog article on Experience the Fiji Fire Walkers of Beqa Island.

NAI'A Liveaboard Diving

In Fiji, they do 7 or 10 day itineraries. You'll dive the soft coral capital of the world. You'll also see caves, pinnacles, bommies, and some sandy muck dive sites. As they say, you may see mantas, Malabar grouper, and mantis shrimp, Helfrich's dart fish, dolphins, and dragonets. While on the NAI'A Liveaboard you might even see humpback whales or humpback shrimp. Diving here is a must for any underwater photographer- professional or amateur. The rainbow colors and multiple species congregations of soft corals will absolutely amaze you. The depths range from 2ft to 2000ft so expect to see vibrant walls and descending steps of lush coral gardens. From large pelagics to pygmy seahorses and naughty nudibranchs, there is something for everyone to view on every dive. One of the first dive sites for NAI'A Liveaboard is E6; for all the film used here before the digital age.

Attractions and Activities

On NAI'A Liveaboard, their motto is "eat, dive, eat, dive, eat, dive, eat, dive, repeat, but it's more than that. So if you don't see anyone in the spacious lounge, they could be on the sun deck working hard on a tan, or checking out their camera equipment on the dive deck. As for your scuba diving gear, once you set it up, it is ready to go for the week. Furthermore, they do skiff diving here, which means you will roll off one of their two rigid inflatables into the water. At the end of your dive they pick you up; like a limo service for divers. They also have 32% Nitrox available as well as rebreather cylinders. More importantly, the friendships that the crew of NAI'A Liveaboard has built with locals will be extended to you as you enjoy an island excursion for a traditional kava ceremony.
The crew also has nightly music sessions.

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