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Okeanos Aggressor II

About Okeanos Aggressor II

The Okeanos Aggressor II is a 120ft long scuba diving vessel with a 27ft beam. It has eight deluxe state rooms, two suites, and one master stateroom. It leaves Puntarenas, Costa Rica on Saturday and arrives back in port early on Tuesday. Cocos Island is 342 miles southeast of the Costa Rica mainland. So with round trip time included, you end up with 10 nights onboard with 7 days of diving. Enjoy our blog article on What to Expect From Your First Liveaboard.

Okeanos Aggressor II Diving

This scuba diving trip is for advanced divers who are trained and comfortable with deep and drift water conditions. So, the up welling waters bring rich amounts of nutrients up to the plankton near the surface. Because of this, smaller fish eat the plankton and large schools of scalloped hammerheads eat the fish. Whale sharks eat the plankton directly. Because everyone wants in on the action, Cocos Island becomes the congregational point for tuna, mobula rays, stingrays, dolphins, pilot whales, and false killer whales. And for sharks, add silky, silver, Galapagos, and even white tips. Smaller cast members include the giant frogfish, the indigenous rosey lipped batfish, eels, and lobsters. So expect to do three dives a day from zodiac style tenders. Some of the popular dive sites include: the submerged mountain Alcyone, Dirty Rock, Bird Island, and Ubing Rock.

Attractions and Activities

Weather permitting, guests of Okeanos Aggressor II will get a chance to step onshore Cocos Island National Park to hike in the jungle or swim in a waterfall. We know that they used video of Cocos Island as the visual backdrop of Isla Nebula in the Jurassic Park films. But we are quite certain the beaches are currently free of anything prehistoric. When not diving, guests can hang out either on the sun deck or in the lounge. The Okeanos Aggressor II most days has eggs to order at breakfast, followed by a snack, buffet style lunch, another snack, and then a sit down dinner.  Non-alcoholic beverages and a limited supply of alcoholic beverages are included. After or before the trip you may wish to relax on the beach at Puntarenas, visit the capitol city San Jose or try other dive sites near islands along the main coast of Costa Rica.

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