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Pelagian Liveaboard

About Pelagian Liveaboard

Pelagian Liveaboard is a 35m/115ft long scuba diving yacht based at Wakatobi Resort. The resort is located on Onemobaa Island which is near the southeastern tip of  Sulawesi Island in Indonesia. The Vessel has five cabins with air conditioning and ensuite bathrooms. So the ship carries 10 guest or divers at a time. Enjoy our blog articles on Frogfish: The Over Looked Camouflage Artist and Cuttlefish; The Undisputed Master of Camouflage.

Pelagian Liveaboard Diving

The itineraries include 7-10 day trips and scuba diving up to 4 dives a day. The ship can dive all forty dive sites near the resort, but it also goes out to another 4o dive sites that day trips just can't reach. You'll dive caves, reefs, walls, lagoons, seamounts, piers, and pinnacles. More over, you can do lots of isolated, undisturbed, and seldom visited muck dive sites. More importantly, this is where you will find blue ring octopus, bobtail squid, or flamboyant cuttlefish.  Pelagian Liveaboard visits sites such as Pasar Wajo Bay, Cheeky Beach, Magic Pier, Fish Market, and Blade. You'll' see porcelain crabs, pipefish, peacock mantis shrimp, pygmy seahorses, parrot fish, and a plethora of creatures that start with other letters. There are perhaps over 1500 fish species and another 600 corals species nearby. It's paradise for macro photographers.

Attractions and Activities

The Pelagian Liveaboard is state of the art with a computer room and camera/video room with 220v and 110v adapters. The main lounge has a large flat screen TV with a DVD player and there is a small library of books. So the master chef prepares Indonesian as well as western cuisine. Special dietary needs can be requested. Some guests have even asked for cooking lessons. Above all, with enough advanced notice, the crew of Pelagian Liveaboard will try to fulfill almost any request. So you'll find breakfast and lunch on the aft deck. Dinner may take place in the lounge, or at the scenic bow. Hot and cold drinks along with snacks are available 24hrs.  Finally, diving is done from two rigid inflatable tenders. Both speedy delivery boats have twin 60HP outboard engines and stainless steel ladders for easy reentry.

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