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Raja Ampat Aggressor

About Raja Ampat Aggressor

The Raja Ampat Aggressor is a 100ft long scuba diving vessel. The yacht has 8 cabins for 16 divers/passengers. The ship glides through the waters of mostly eastern Indonesia.  As a result, its main itinerary includes: Raja Ampat, Banda Sea, and Derawan Islands. From April to August they sail to Komodo and Flores Island, Banda Sea/Ring of Fire, Banda Sea/Raja Ampat, and Raja Ampat/Halmahera/Lembeh. You are right in the middle of the coral triangle on a modern luxury yacht. More importantly, you are with a crew that caters to divers and delivers the ultimate dive experience. Enjoy our blog article on North Sulawesi Indonesia-Part One.

Raja Ampat Aggressor Diving

The area is home 600 species of coral and 1,500 species of fish. Furthermore, add 600 species of mollusks. Scuba diving trips are planned from 7-12 nights depending on the destinations. So plan on diving 4 times a day; 22 to 33 dives each trip. However, out here, it's about how much life you see on anyone dive. While aboard Raja Ampat Aggressor, you'll visit seamounts, pinnacles, walls, piers, caves, and lagoons. You'll also visit small atolls, sandy banks, and coral reefs. In addition, expect to see large pelagics such as whales. Schools of dolphins, mackerel, and tunas are also typical sights. Oh and there are lots of sharks, from whale sharks down to the rare fin walking Epaulette sharks. Also interesting to view are the giant clams and turtles. Smaller species include frog fish, pygmy seahorses, sea dragons, shrimps, crabs, and nudibranchs.

Attractions and Activities

All guest cabins aboard the Raja Ampat Aggressor have outside views, air conditioning, and private bathrooms. The Raja Ampat Aggressor Rover offers spacious common areas and entertainment center.  Breakfast typically includes eggs to order. Lunch is buffet style. Dinner is ala cart and features tempting cuisine of Indonesia and western dishes. Snacks are available all day. Beer and wine during dinner are complimentary. Diving is done from two zodiac boats stored on the whale deck. The upper deck lounge gives you a great view of passing dolphins and islands. Finally, while some places have giant schools of fish, and other places have enormous schools of fish, some sites have overwhelming masses of schooling fish, and such a sight difficult to describe. Furthermore, the crew of the Raja Ampat Aggressor seem to know where every creature resides.

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