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Roatan Aggressor

About Roatan Aggressor

The Roatan Aggressor is a 40m (120ft) long scuba diving liveaboard vessel in Honduras. The ship cruises around the seamounts, keys, pinnacles, and wrecks around the islands of Roatan, Utila, and Cayos Cochinos. To view more information about the Roatan Aggressor and all the local dive sites, see our blog article on Destination Spotlight: Roatan.

Roatan Aggressor Diving

It's quite possibly the only way you can experience so many local scuba diving sites in just one week. Dive sites routinely visited on world's second largest Great Barrier Reef include: The Aguila wreck, Mary's Place, Dolphin Caves, Taviana's Wall, and so much more. But why stop here? Other Roatan Aggressor dive sites you'll visit around Utila may include: Black Hills, Cannery Bank, Jack Neil Point, and the Halliburton wreck. Over at Cayos Cochinos you can visit Toon Town and Pelican Point.  As a result of being mobile, you can do up to five different dives a day. And, you can even dive places such as Cocos Seamount on your way to your next dive site. So big game fish, whale sharks, mantas, lobsters, and seahorses become just an extra added bonus.

Attractions and activities

The Roatan Aggressor, has a salon, dining area, sundeck, hot tub, lounge, wet bar, and a photo center where you can edit video and images. The staterooms have air-conditioning, 110 volt/USB outlets, and private bathrooms with hair dryers and showers. Each day of your voyage, breakfast is (cooked to order), lunch is self-served buffet style, and a sumptuous dinner is served at a table setting. Fresh snacks are provided mid-morning and mid-afternoon. The chef's menu is varied and plentiful, with fresh local fruits and veggies, island seafood, and local grown meats. On board the Roatan Aggressor they serve Caribbean and American feasts, barbecues and local cuisine.  Non-alcoholic beverages include: fruit juices, soft drinks, iced water, iced tea, and coffee. For that matter, you also have an inclusive, but limited selection of local beer and wine.

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