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Spirit of Freedom

About Spirit of Freedom

Spirit of Freedom is a 125ft (37m) long scuba diving liveaboard that explores the waters of both the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea. So, they are based out of Cairns, Australia. The vessel has 11 spacious air conditioned guest rooms each with a private bathroom and can hold up to 26 guests. Enjoy our blog article on Australia Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef and  The Cuttlefish; The Undisputed Master of Camouflage.

Spirit of Freedom Diving

The ship has 2 main itineraries. So, from Lizard island offshore of Cairns they go to nearby Cod Hole and Ribbon Reef. Out here you can do 11 dives on a 3 day trip. You may see giant potato cod, pygmy seahorses, cuttlefish, sharks rays, and turtles. Even more, there are 2,900 reefs in the vicinity of the Spirit of Freedom and we can't name them all. However, some of the dive sites include: Flare Point, Steve's Bommie, Wonderland, Pixie Gardens, and The Cod Hole.  On the 4 day trip they travel out to Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea. This area is three times as large as the Great Barrier Reef. Out here you may see mantas, or schools of grey whalers, hammerheads, and white tip sharks. Some of Spirit of Freedom popular scuba diving sites out here include: Admiralty, Castles, False Entrance, North Horn, and Rapid Horn.

Attractions and Activities

You will receive an orientation dive the first day and a safety instructor dives with you on most of your dives. Night dives give you a chance to encounter a rare nautilus or other usually elusive creatures. Most of the other Spirit of Freedom guests are typically divers and everything seems to be centered around the sport of scuba diving, except during the dwarf minke whale migration season, then the main focus is snorkeling with the minkes! There may be time for an occasional land excursion. Most importantly, the gourmet meals are rated five stars, even by those that have special dietary needs. House wine and soft drinks are included with dinner. Therefore, for other adult beverages, please visit the ship's bar. Finally, the forward lounge is the spot to go for marine reference books, and there is a camera station for photographers.

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