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Truk Odyssey

About Truk Odyssey

Truk Odyssey is a 132 foot scuba diving liveaboard that circles Truk Lagoon or Chuuk Lagoon. The ship has three room types to choose from for a total of 16 guests. This Federated State of Micronesia is home to" The Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon." Enjoy our blog article on Truk Lagoon.

Truk Odyssey Diving

Do you like scuba diving on wrecks? Truk Lagoon or Chuuk Lagoon is 80 times larger than Pearl Harbor.  Japanese ships of all types filled the lagoon. The larger ships were moved a week before the Americans attacked February 17 & 18th, 1944.  During the attack, 15 Japanese warships and 32 merchant ships sank. Truk Odyssey can take you to see some of these wrecks. Still, a few other ships sank even before the battle. Plates, helmets, masks, sake bottles, and tanks, remain where they came to rest as the ships sank to the bottom of the lagoon area. In addition, both sides shot down what accumulated to 100's of war planes. You can see some of these planes too.
Truk Odyssey moors at these historical sites and you dive right off their deck and on to the deck of a historical wreck. Furthermore, with the crews help, you can dive in smaller groups and better control the number of divers in your video/camera frame. Some ships frequented in Chuuk Lagoon include: Hoki Maru, Nippo Maru, Fuitzuki Destroyer, Betty Bomber, and the San Francisco Maru. There are over 300 types of coral growing on the wrecks and places such as Pizion Reef.  Lots of fish and sharks patrol this underwater sanctuary.

 Attractions and Activities

Each stateroom of Truk Odyssey has their own air conditioning controls, private toilet, sink, and shower. For a more relaxed and casual atmosphere meals are Buffet-style and take place in the visually appealing dining room. Fijian teak tables and a full service inclusive wet bar made out of palm wood fill the room. Snacks are also available. In addition, there are several areas to hang out with fellow guests and crew. The lounge has a variety of things to keep you entertained, from a TV/VCR/DVD to a library complete with fish identification books. The sundeck has an open air as well as covered area. As soon as you arrive on board, you set your dive gear up in your reserved seat.  You won't have to break down your gear until you return to port in Chuuk Lagoon. Nitrox refills (for certified Enriched air/Nitrox divers) are included.

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