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Atlantis Resort Puerto Galera

About Atlantis Resort Puerto Galera

There are over 30 scuba diving sites and 3000 fish waiting for you at Atlantis Resort Puerto Galera in Mindoro, Philippines. Most dive sites are within close proximity to the resort. The modern Spanish stucco and tile resort has 40 rooms that are available in several accommodation  styles. Small groups and personalized service is a specialty. Enjoy our blog on Destination Spotlight: Philippines.

Atlantis Resort Puerto Galera Diving

Some scuba diving sites include: Odies Wall, Giant Clam, Japanese Wreck, Eastside, Washing Machine, and Coral Gardens at Verde Island. Atlantis Resort Puerto Galera also offers you some of the most interesting creatures on earth. 100 rare and newly discovered species are in the Verde Island Passage. And in addition, there are 300 corals out here. So, the most famous local wreck dive is the Sabang Wreck, which is a photographer's dream come true.  As a result, from frog fish and seahorses up to thresher sharks and whale sharks, be ready to click away.  Walls, cracks, tunnels, small caves, pinnacles and swim throughs are home to millions of small fish and invertebrates on the dive sites. And drop offs showcase tuna, sharks and barracuda. Keep in mind that at Atlantis Resort Puerto Galera in the Philippines, diving is for all C-card levels including beginners. However, good buoyancy is a must.

Attractions and Activities

The dive shop is onsite at Atlantis Resort Puerto Galera. They have a separate climate-controlled room for camera and video equipment. So, another feature is their Spa and wellness center where you can receive a relaxing massage and feel rejuvenated. Even more, you also have access to the Beach bar, pool and classroom facilities. Most importantly, the food served at Toko's restaurant and bar is listed by Lonely Planet as world class cuisine. Moreover, you can take day trips to Tamaraw Falls, do the Sunset Cruise, visit the Mangyan Village, Golf, or Snorkel. Above all, you have to sign up early for the all-day "three dive" with BBQ lunch trip to Verde Island. Oh, and there is free internet access.

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