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Cayman Brac Beach Resort

About Cayman Brac Beach Resort

Cayman Brac Beach Resort has 40 guest rooms and 70 dive sites. The island is located close to Little Cayman in the Caribbean. The scuba diving resort was recently refreshed and the beach renewed. The spectacular free form pool has an adjacent Jacuzzi. Each guest room has a private bathroom complete with hair dryer. The onsite scuba dive center is called Reef Divers. Enjoy our blog article on Cayman Brac - The Adventure and Tranquility Island.

Cayman Brac Beach Resort Diving

There are over 70 named scuba dive sites around the island. Some of the sites include: Kissimmee, M/V Capt. Keith Tibbets, East Chute, Treehouse Reef, and Orange Canyon. Reef Divers has four main boats that they use to go out to these dive sites. Each boat holds up to twenty divers and they cruise at 20mph.  They typically do two morning dives then return to Cayman Brac Beach Resort. After lunch they do one afternoon dive. More importantly, they can easily travel the 5miles to Little Cayman and dive the famous Bloody Wall. They can also accommodate night dives and rebreather dives if you have a group and request in advance. So, at Cayman Brac Beach Resort plan to dive walls, tunnels, caves, pinnacles, and a few wrecks. Sea life includes: squids, octopus, sea horses, turtles, rays, reef invertebrates, and schooling fish. Visibility is usually 100ft of more.

Attractions and Activities

When not diving, try hiking up to the light house, visit the local Museum, repel off cliffs, or go cave exploring. At Cayman Brac Beach Resort birding is also quite popular. So here you'll see frigates, brown boobies, and the Parrot Sanctuary. Riding bikes and mopeds is also a lot of fun. You can also play volley ball back at the resort or just relax next to the pool or visit the onsite Tropical Touch Day Spa. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is available at the main dining room. The Tipsy Turtle Bar has beverages and light meals and opens at noon. Friday nights are BBQ nights and in addition they have live music. Most importantly, make reservations and try the culinary delights and chef designed themed dinners at award winning Island Prime restaurant.

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