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Coral Eye North Sulawesi Indonesia

About Coral Eye North Sulawesi Indonesia

Coral Eye is a unique boutique scuba diving resort located on Bangka Island next to the northern province of Sulawesi in Indonesia. Furthermore, it provides a rich variety of dive sites. So, the resort began as an outpost for marine biologists who first ventured here to examine the abundant and unusual marine life. Today the resort has blossomed with villas and rooms for tourists to view these same marine wonders. So, all rooms have ensuite bathrooms with hot shower, air conditioning, ceiling fans and mosquito nets on windows. Coral Eye also has 24-hour electricity and free internet service. The new villas have a mini bar, a water dispenser, and complimentary coffee and tea. In addition, most rooms have balconies or terraces with sea views. The Double Bedroom Garden Villa is a private house perfect for large families and friends. Enjoy our blog articles on North Sulawesi Indonesia Part One and Part Two.

Coral Eye Diving

There are over 50 diving sites to visit here if you include dive sites off the Pulisan mainland and all day scuba diving adventures to Lembeh Strait.  More importantly, 30 of the dive sites are world class destinations including some in the Bunaken National Marine Park. Hand crafted dive boats go out for 2-tank dives in the morning. Furthermore, boat dives may be arranged for the afternoon as well as shore dives at Coral Eye House Reef. Above all, night dives typically take place at 6 pm off the house pier. The seascape encompasses several different habitats from richly-colonized volcanic pinnacles, beautiful pristine coral reef slopes to sandy slopes, mangroves and walls. All the dive sites can be reached with 5 / 40 minutes of navigation from the resort So, Bangka Island is well known for its pinnacles, drift dives, fringing reefs and muck dives. Some of the larger creatures include pilot whales, dugongs, sharks, and dolphins.  Some of the smaller creatures that you may even see on the house reef include frogfish, pygmy seahorses, and harlequin and tiger shrimps.

Attractions and Activities.

Indonesian and International cuisine made buffet style round out lunch and dinner. Eggs made to order accompany an a la carte Breakfast. The bar has a full cocktail menu. When not scuba diving or snorkeling, you may wish to visit the spa or take a land tour to a local village. The best time of the year to go scuba diving here is between April to November.

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