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Cove Resort Palau

About Cove Resort Palau

Cove Resort Palau is a newer 71 room scuba diving resort on the island of Malakal in Palau. You are close to downtown Koror and may see a Koror address, but you are really on an adjacent tropical small island yet connected to Koror by the bridge on Main Street. The rooms have air conditioning, black out curtains, and a mini-fridge. Enjoy our blog article on Palau, Historical World Class Diving.

Cove Resort Palau Diving

While scuba diving you may see 1400 different species of fish, and 700 species of coral around Palau. As a result, the sea life around these 200 islands is spectacular to view. Coral formations, walls, caves, tunnels, and blue holes just add to the scenic backdrops behind endless schools of fish. Plan to visit channels, tunnels, holes, walls, and even a cave or wreck. In the ocean waters near The Cove Resort Palau swim sharks, Groupers, Napoleon wrasse, and manta rays. German Channel is where the mantas routinely stop by the cleaner stations. Wonder Channel is a wall dive for macro photographers. Ngedebus, Coral Gardens, and Ngerchong are also quite photogenic. Even more well-known is Blue Corner for its schools of gray sharks, eagle rays, turtles, and hammerhead sharks. From the Cove Resort Palau can also join a tour to Jellyfish Lake which is a popular snorkeler destination. Neco Marine is literally a few steps next door and they have daily dive trips. They also have several charter boats available to make you own scuba diving itineraries. Rock Island Tours, Sam’s Tours are a few minutes’ walk from the resort.

Attractions and Activities

Breakfast buffet style is typically included with your stay at Cove Resort Palau. Many of the guests stay here, but are out and about during the day, so chances are that you could have the beautifully blue tiled lagoon size pool to yourself during the day. That is if you were there during the day and not scuba diving. So, the resort has The Hungry Marlin restaurant for lunch and dinner. Guests can also enjoy the Island Bar by the Pool. A few steps away from the resort at the marina is the Drop off Bar and Grill. Coffee Berry with free internet and Kramer’s Café are close by. To get down town takes a 10-minute taxi ride, then you have dozens of restaurants to choose from. Also, Bank of Hawaii and the museums are down town.

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