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Jade Mountain

About Jade Mountain

Scuba diving and luxury? Jade Mountain is located in the Soufriere Quarter of St. Lucia Island in the Caribbean. They are located directly up the mountain from Anse Castanet. This is a 5-star luxury resort unlike any other in the world. There are 29 guest rooms which they call sanctuaries. Most of the sanctuaries at Jade Mountain rooms have 3 walls and the fourth side is slightly partitioned by an infinity pool and the open air above. The moon sanctuary has an overhanging infinity pool. This is the perfect location for a romantic getaway. Each sanctuary has a living area and canopy bed. There are no TVs, radios, air conditioners, or clocks It is just you, the colorful rainforest, and the view of the green pitons and blue ocean. Enjoy our article on The Cuttlefish; The Undisputed Master of Camouflage.

Jade Mountain Diving

Scuba St. Lucia is the onsite colorful beach cottage style scuba diving center. So, they have three dive boats: Ina, Bertha, and Tata. There are 13 local dive sites to choose from and they do night dives twice a week. The most famous dive out here has to be the drift dive called Superman's Flight. While staying at Jade Mountain, you are diving right under the shadow of Petit Piton, waiting to spot some 150 species of fish, turtles, and/or invertebrates such as cuttlefish or sea horses and of course, soft and hard corals. Coral Gardens, Fairyland, Turtle Reef, and Jalouise are also popular. The 165ft long wreck of the freighter Lesleen M is popular too. When you first get to the island, they make you do a house shore dive, but it turns out to be one of the top 5 shore dives in the Caribbean.

Attractions and Activities

At Jade Mountain, you can have 24hr major domo service and you may never want to leave your sanctuary. At the Kai en Ciel boutique spa and fitness center you can relax or work out. You can also have a massage in your sanctuary. Food and beverages can be delivered to your sanctuary around the clock, or you can have a cocktail at the Celestial Terrace while gazing at the stars. At some point you may wish to dine at the Jade Mountain Club which caters exclusively to Jade Mountain guests, and features James Beard award winner, Chef Allen Susser. Nourishing the body and soul, Jade Cuisine is a brave new world of robust tropical flavors both exotic and delicious. Furthermore, while staying at Jade Mountain, you have access to all the amenities of their sister resort Anse Chastanet. This is where you will go scuba diving with Scuba St. Lucia. So, you have a choice between two separate beaches. As a result, you can swim or snorkel off either beach. Jungle biking is a real thing here, so is climbing the Piton, kayaking and sailing. Even more, you can take a tour to sulfur springs and botanical gardens. At the Chocolate Laboratory they have tasting and truffle making classes. You can also lean back in a lounge chair and just contemplate on the best way to relax. There are 2 beach bars, one on each beach to help you further focus on relaxing. There is also a Trou Au Diable beach restaurant. The Aspara offers spectacular Indian Cuisine, and for more fine dining you can enjoy the Treehouse for Caribbean cuisine, or try the Balawoo seafood menu. Internet access is available at reception and upon guest request.

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