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Lembeh Resort

About Lembeh Resort

Lembeh Resort is located in a secluded cove in the Lembeh Strait next to the Northern Sulawesi in Indonesia. This world famous scuba diving destination is in the heart of the coral triangle and the Mecca of muck diving. Lembeh Resort offers upscale accommodations including a villa, hillside cottages, and  garden view rooms. Enjoy our blog articles on Indonesia parts North Sulawesi Indonesia-Part One and Part Two. Lembeh is also known to have an abundance of frogfish species, so you might like our blog on Frogfish, The Overlooked Camouflage Artist.

Lembeh Resort Diving

Critters@ Lembeh Resort scuba diving center use a fleet of boats to take you out to some 40 plus dive site. On staff are marine biologists and highly skilled guides. In addition, you can even hire a private boat with a guide for up to three dives a day. Popular dive sites include: Nudi Falls, Jahir, TK1, Hairball, and the Malawi wreck. Most importantly, there are 8 species of frogfish, 12 species of octopus, and 3 species of pygmy seahorses in these waters. You might even see some of these rare creatures when you dive Lembeh Resort House Reef. Also, at either end of the straight you may encounter big pelagic. However, in the straights expect to see critters the size of your thumb with or without flamboyant colors.

Attractions and Activities

You can take a photography class from world class professional photographers at Critters@ Lembeh Resort Photo. They also have an immaculate camera set up room and a large collection of rental gear, including point and shoot systems, DSLR systems, and HD video cameras. Guided tours are available for photographers as well as snorkelers.  You can also just relax around the fresh water pool or visit the Lembeh Resort Spa for a relaxing message. You might even take a cooking class from the Lembeh Resort chefs. For that matter, Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style, but dinner is typically served a la carte. They also have a nice section of wines in their wine cellar.  A wide assortment of day and half day North Sulawesi mainland tours can also be arranged.

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