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Magic Oceans Dive Resort Bohol

About Magic Oceans Dive Resort Bohol

Magic Oceans Dive Resort Bohol is located in Anda on Bohol Island in the Philippines. This scuba diving resort offers 30 dive sites. The guest bungalows are detached and mostly encircle the pool. The balconies are big and cozy with bamboo seats and offer amazing views. Internet router, hot shower, and air conditioning are in every room. Enjoy our blog article on Scuba Diving Specialties: What is Muck Diving?.

Magic Oceans Dive Resort Diving

There are over 30 scuba diving sites to explore including the house reef Magic Point. Dive sites include walls, caves, tunnels, or sandy substrates. Diving here is mostly macro or muck diving. Sure, you might see a pod of pilot whales, a manta ray, small shark or whale shark, but small fish and invertebrates are the norm. For instance, the waters around Magic Oceans Dive Resort are home to two species of pygmy seahorses and the tiny flamboyant cuttlefish. Some popular dive sites include: Basdio Sanctuary, Wonderwall, Balicasag Fish Sanctuary, Bahol Divers Wreck, and Dojo Point. Obviously, there is also Mimic Point, Pygmy House, Mandarin Garden, and Snapper Cave. For those that like to step it up a notch, try diving Snake Island. The resort uses 3 outrigger boats.

Attractions and Amenities

This secluded area of Bohol, Philippines is filled with quiet relaxation and tranquil beauty. The Magic Oceans Dive Resort restaurant offers a wide range of local, Asian, and western dishes. Furthermore, the bar has awesome cocktails as well as beer, fresh fruit juices and more. Sunbathing beds, parasols and lots of flora surround the pool. In addition, you can even enjoy a relaxing massage. However, if you desire a little more action, then take a day trip to the chocolate mountains and see the Tarsier Sanctuary, do the zip line over Loboc River, or visit the ancient heritage island of Lamanok. You can also tour the seaweed farms and fish farms. Afterwards, enjoy a great dinner with a Barangay Captain. And when it gets dark, watch the fireflies dance and illuminate the skies.

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