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Matangi Private Island Resort

About Matangi Private Island Resort

Matangi Private Island Resort is located on a 240 acre private island next to Qamea Island and close to Taveuni. For scuba diving guests, there are nine elegantly styled air conditioned bungalows and three tree houses made from local hardwoods, bamboo, lava rocks, and coconut thatch. The tree houses are listed in the 10 top tree houses of the world.

Matangi Private Island Resort Diving.

The island is home to Horseshoe Bay. Island Magazine proclaimed this area as "one of the top 100 sights to see before you die". Purple Wall, Qamea Freeway, Playground, Midway Reef, and Swirling Coconuts are just some of the named sites you can visit. They still have yet to name several well known dive locations. At Matangi Private Island Resort, besides soft coral, you will see hard corals of every shape and size. Giant tridacna clams are residents at one site, while giant mantas are located at the cleaning stations of another. The resort uses a canopy covered aluminum boat to take you out to the dive sites. They typically do 2 one tank dives before lunch and can do 2 one tank dives after lunch. Depending on the tides, they can do charter day trips to White Wall and Rainbow Reef or Noel's Wall.

Attractions and Activities

While Matangi Private Island Resort may peek you attention with rain forests and white sand beaches, you may be more interested in the gourmet food served at the great open dining room. They serve freshly made bread, fruits and freshly made fruit juices here for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are three course events while viewing the nearby ocean. Between diving and meals, you can rest near the pool in a lounger. You can also play volleyball, go kayaking, or stand on a paddle board. There is even as self guided 1 hour trek around the island available. You can also go snorkeling or have a picnic at Horseshoe Bay.  While scuba diving and staying at Matangi Private Island Resort, you can also take an excursion over to Taveuni to do the 4 hour Lavena coastal walk, or visit the Tavaro Waterfall.
For cultural and historical events, you can visit a village, enjoy a Lovo (cooked in earth) feast, Or watch a Meke which involves ritual Fijian songs and dancing. For further relaxation, be sure to enjoy the luxurious full spa for some blissful pampering. Enjoy our blog article on Experience the Fire Walkers of Beqa Lagoon.

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