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Murex Dive Resort Bangka

About Murex Dive Resort Bangka

Murex Dive Resort Bangka Island is located just a short boat ride north of Pulisan on Sulawesi Island in Indonesia. The scuba diving resort has deluxe hillside cottage accommodations with large verandas and is family and group friendly. Each cottage has floor to ceiling windows with ocean and treetop views, hot water showers, air conditioning, and a large desk. Enjoy our blog articles on North Sulawesi Indonesia Part One and Part Two.

Murex Dive Resort Bangka Island Diving

The Murex Dive Resort Bangka Island scuba diving center has over 25 dive sites to offer visitors. They also rent gear including torches. They usually do two dives in the morning and one in the afternoon. The night dive out here very popular, hence the torches. But if requested, they can also do a three tank all day excursion and have lunch on board. As a result, the Bunaken National Marine Park are within distance, and the list of possible dive sites just expanded greatly. So Bangka Island is well known for its pinnacles, drift dives, and muck dives. Some of the larger creatures include: pilot whales, dugongs, sharks, and dolphins.  Some of the smaller creatures that you may even see on House Reef include: frogfish, pygmy seahorses, and harlequin and tiger shrimps. You might also like to dive Batu Goso, Paradise Pier, Sabora, and Sahuang.

Attractions and Activities

Lunch breakfast and dinner are buffet style at Murex Dive Resort Banka Island. The western trained chefs prepare Indonesian, international, and Asian dishes.  Wifi is available at the restaurant, but since you came out here to get away from it all, don't expect WiFi to be fiber optic. Think Robinson Caruso with a fair touch of luxury, complimentary drinking water, and a weekly BBQ on the beach. Above all, your big afternoon survival issue will be do you prefer a hammock or lounge chair on the beach? You can also go swimming, snorkeling, try standing on a paddle board, or just relax and get a massage. The sun sets too fast, when you are working hard.

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