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Murex Dive Resort Manado

About Murex Dive Resort Manado

Murex Dive Resort Manado is in northeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia.  The scuba diving resort has botanical gardens and three rivers running through the estate. As a result, the upscale premium and deluxe cottages are surrounded with wild flowers and orchids. Each cottage has a private garden and porch. Moreover, Koi ponds creating babbling brooks make for a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. Enjoy our blog articles: North Sulawesi Indonesia- Part One and Part Two.

Murex Dive Resort Manado Diving

There are over 50 scuba diving sites around the resort. So, some of the wall dives around the Bunaken National Marine Park descend quite deep. More importantly, the area contains 390 species of coral, and over 2000 species of fish. So, you may see seahorses, frogfish, sharks, and whale sharks, but you might also see dugongs too. In addition, not too far from Murex Dive Resort Manado, chambered nautiluses rise up from depth at night. Down below 100m a brown species of coelacanth lobefin fish thought extinct for some 65 million years, hide in caves and under overhangs. Finally, there are more than a dozen muck dive locations near the resort. Some of these dive sites include: City Extra, House Reef, Tahjung Bulo, and the Molas wreck.

Attractions and Activities

All guest rooms include a bathroom with hot water, air-conditioning, indoor and outdoor seating. The seafront location has stunning views over the water to the Bunaken Marine Park and the volcanic island of Manado Tua on the horizon.  All meals have varied set menus with international and Asian flavors. Oh, and you can take cooking lessons and learn how to make local cuisine from Indonesia. For that matter, you can just relax at the Spa or lounge at the pool. So the dive center has rental equipment and stocks spare parts for sale. More interesting, they offer a Coral Gardener course. So you can learn about different types of coral and perhaps plant a few new budding coral growths on a reef. Finally, because you are already on the mainland, there are a wide variety of land tours and excursions available.

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