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Siladen Resort & Spa

About Siladen Resort & Spa

Siladen Resort & Spa is a boutique scuba diving resort in the Bunaken National Marine Park. It is on a private island near Manado in northern Sulawesi, Indonesia. The resort's 50 dive sites are within the heart of the coral triangle which provides divers extraordinary marine biodiversity. The resort has 22 luxury rooms that range from garden villas to villas on the beach. The main resort facilities encircle the pool area. Enjoy our blog articles: North Sulawesi Indonesia- Part One and Part Two.

Siladen Resort & Spa Diving

There are some 50 scuba diving sites around Siladen Resort & Spa and the four other islands that make up the marine park. However, divers can experience several distinctive styles of drift diving on dive sites from shallow reefs to wall dives. Some of the walls descend from 200m to 1800m deep. With 390 species of coral, and over 2000 species of fish it is a photographers dream come true. So you may see seahorses, frogfish, sharks, or whale sharks. You might even see dugongs too. In addition, chambered nautiluses rise up from depth at night. And down below 100m a brown species of coelacanth lobefin fish thought extinct for some 65 million years, hide in caves and under overhangs. Each day Siladen Resort dive shop offers two morning dives, an afternoon dive, an evening dive, and a night dive. Siladen Resort & Spa has 5 traditional wooden style boats.

Attractions and Activities

The restaurant and bar are right next to the beach. You can actually take a cooking class and learn to make your own Indonesian cuisine. Siladen Resort & Spa has a selection of imported wines and champagne, but toasting with tropical drinks as the sun sinks below the sea is the perfect way to end a day. Another high note is to enjoy high tea on the veranda of your beach view villa or at the bar. You can snorkel at different sites while the divers dive. When not at the pool or gift shop you may wish to get a massage at the spa. You also have 300m of white sand to relax on.  Off island activities include dolphin & whale watching, Manado sightseeing,  Minahasa Highland tour or volcano trek, white water rafting, Tangkoko Rain Forest tour, or romantic sunset boat tour.

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