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Small Hope Bay Lodge

About Small Hope Bay Lodge

Small Hope Bay Lodge is located on the scuba diving island of Andros in the Bahamas. The resort has 21 beachfront cottages. So, the 1 bedroom cottages have a private bathroom. The 2 bedroom cottages share a bathroom, but are perfect for families. Each cottage has ceiling fans, optional air conditioning, and complimentary water bottle. Small Hope Bay Lodge takes pride in the fact that there are no TVs, phones, or internet, just peaceful harmony with nature. We should also mention that Andros Barrier Reef is the 3rd largest reef in the world. Enjoy our blog article on Diving the Bahamas with Max Gilbert..

Small Hope Bay Lodge Diving

There are over 30 nearby scuba diving sites with other dive sites farther out or un-named. You can explore blue holes, reefs, coral gardens, wrecks, and walls. Diving begins at 1ft and gradually goes down to 80ft, or 6,000ft at selected sites. This means you have an excellent chance to see small colorful reef fish as well as large pelagics such as dolphins, mantas, or even whales. while at Small Hope Bay Lodge you may also see a shark or two from black reef tips, white tips, nurse, grays, lemons, bulls, and if you are lucky, even a glimpse of a tiger shark. Dive sites near Small Hope Bay Lodge include Conch Sound, Andros Wall, Blue Hole, Hole in the Wall, The Merian Wreck, Peter’s Place, & Skeebo’s Surprise. Farther south you may like to explore Labrynth, Pyramids, Gardens, and the Stargate Blue Hole. Late January Groupers spawn at Andros Reef.

Attractions and Activities

At Small Hope Bay Lodge, you can have a continental or full style breakfast. Lunch and Dinner are buffet style and the fish and lobster are extremely fresh. They also have gluten free food available and they have a kid's menu too. So, they have outside showers for your return from snorkeling. You can also go bike riding, kayaking, try paddle boarding, sail boating, geo-caching, or lounging in hammocks. Circling Captain Bill’s Blue Hole is another physical option. You may also like to visit the Andros Batik Factory and even try testing out your own design.

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