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Sorido Bay Resort

About Sorido Bay Resort

Sorido Bay Resort is located on Kri Island in the center of Raja Ampat Marine Park.  The scuba diving resort is 75km from Sorong on the northwest coast of West Papua, Indonesia. This boutique dive resort accommodates up to 18 guests and has two styles of well appointed bungalows. Also enjoy our blog articles on North Sulawesi Indonesia-Part One.

Sorido Bay Resort Diving

Papua Diving has free nitrox for nitrox certified diver. Sorido Bay Resort uses seven boats to go to some 3o close by scuba diving sites. They offer two morning dives, one afternoon dive, and one twilight/night dive. Saturday they don't dive until evening. Some of the dive sites include: Sardines, Blue Magic, and Manta Sandy. The House Reef which is really off the northeast point of Cape Kri and Kol Island is where Dr. G. Allen set a record by counting 374 species of fish on one dive. Therefore, you may see whale sharks, mantas and Queensland groupers down to wobbegong sharks, pygmy seahorses, and shrimps. As a result, the waters in this part of Indonesia are overflowing with life.  So, Sorido Bay Resort and Papua Diving also do three tank dive excursions to The Passage, Hidden Bay, Fam Island, Wai Island, and  Batanta.

Attractions and Activities

You can also do a snorkel excursion to Manta Point, Hidden Bay, and the passage. Oh, and off the Sorido Bay Resort jetty you can scuba dive and snorkel 7 days a week. You can also visit a neighboring village on another island and do some birding too. In this part of Indonesia, the Red Bird of Paradise is the main attraction. Hornbills, parrots and other birds fill in the second row. Sorido Bay Resort also hosts wild orchids and cute furry little nocturnal marsupials named cuscuses. Endangered Coconut crabs also come out at night. So, don't care to monitor the lizards? Then it's time to snorkel, kayak, or visit the Healing Hut, Aka: Spa and wellness center. The restaurant serves up savory Indonesian and other meals to tempt and tantalize. Advanced diver certification is best for some strong currents and delicate corals.

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