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Truk Blue Lagoon

About Truk Blue Lagoon

Truk Blue Lagoon Resort is the premier scuba diving wreck destination. They have 54 standard and deluxe rooms. The rooms have balconies with ocean views, kitchens and refrigerators. The resort has pill boxes and armaments left onsite by the Japanese military forces over 75 years ago. This Federated State of Micronesia is home to" The Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon." Enjoy our blog article on Truk Lagoon. Why Dive A Wreck When You Can Dive An Entire Fleet?

Truk Blue Lagoon Resort Diving

Do you like scuba diving on wrecks? Truk Lagoon or Chuuk Lagoon is 80 times larger than Pearl Harbor. Japanese ships of all types filled the lagoon. The larger ships were moved a week before the Americans attacked February 17 & 18th, 1944. During the attack, 15 Japanese warships and 32 merchant ships sank. Still, a few other ships sank even before the battle. Plates, helmets, masks, sake bottles, and tanks, remain where they came to rest as the ships sank to the bottom of the lagoon area. In addition, both sides shot down what accumulated to 100's of war planes. You can see some of these planes too. Truk Blue Lagoon Dive Shop has a fleet of 10 dive boats that take you out to these historical sites. They put up a daily list of dive sites, but you can choose what dives you would like to make as well. Some of the lesser dove wrecks are deep and you need to be technically trained before you get to view them. Other wrecks you can easily reach the main decks. At Truk Blue Lagoon Resort dive shop, they have all the equipment you need for almost any dive including: air, nitrox, mixed gas, and rebreather systems. Some ships frequented in Chuuk Lagoon include: Hoki Maru, Nippo Maru, Fuitzuki Destroyer, Betty Bomber, and the San Francisco Maru. There are over 300 types of coral growing on the wrecks and places such as Pizion Reef. Lots of fish and sharks patrol this underwater sanctuary.

Attractions and Activities

They usually do two dives in the morning and more can be arranges for the afternoon. They also have all day dives, or dives with sleepovers at a nearby island. Fonomu and Jeep islands are two nearby places where they go for snorkeling and picnics. Truk Blue Lagoon Resort has a convenience store on site and a restaurant; plus, the Blue Lagoon Resort Bar Lounge and Sunset Bar. There is also a pool table available. You can take an island tour, and it won't take that long. Some people just can't stay out of the clear water and snorkel, or go kayaking when not diving.

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