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Wakatobi Resort and Spa Indonesia

About Wakatobi Resort and Spa Indonesia

Wakatobi Resort and Spa offers luxury scuba diving and is located on Onemobaa Island near southeastern Sulawesi Island in Indonesia. It is also home base for Pelagian liveaboard. The house reef for shore diving is considered one of the best house reefs in the world. Their 50 dive sites in the Indo-Pacific are the epic center of marine biodiversity. Their 34 accommodations include upscale bungalows, but their villas set right up against the ocean are to die for. The four main islands near here are Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. Take the first two letters of each island, and you have Wa Ka To Bi. Expect to explore seamounts, caves, walls, a liberty shipwreck, and do lots of muck diving. The area is perfect for macro photography diving. Enjoy our blog article on North Sulawesi Indonesia-Part One.

Wakatobi Resort Diving

There are over 50 scuba diving sites with 40 dive sites being within 20 minutes of the resort. They have a fleet of locally made 70ft long boats.  They do two dives before lunch, then one in the afternoon or at night. In ten days divers will do 22 to 25 dives. At Wakatobi Resort, you can also hire a private boat to explore additional dive sites. You can also spend an incredible amount of time on the House Reef which consists of three sections. Depending on the currents, you can walk right in from the beach or depending on tides; you may need a taxi boat to take you out. You can back roll right in to the water and drift back towards the resort. Looking at an image of the Wakatobi Resort dock, you can see a cool wall dive waiting for you just on the other side where the pier ends.

Attractions and Activities

First, the resort is an eco-friendly, fully licensed dive tour operator. The onsite dive center has a camera room, as well as 220 and 110 volt charging stations. Oh, and nitrox is available for those certified. Equipment is also available for rent. Wakatobi Resort also has a marine life reference library. The food is flown in and prepared by chefs for guests at the new bar and restaurant. They serve dishes from Indonesia as well as international cuisine buffet style for all meals. They can also make vegetarian dishes if desired.  All the rooms have toilets, hot showers, and showers are western standard hot and cold. Above all, they have a professional staff that teach UW/photography, and instructors that train divers all the way up to technical diving with heliox. It truly is a diver's paradise.

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