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White Sands Beach Resort by Eco Divers Lembeh

About White Sands Beach Resort by Eco Divers Lembeh

White Sands Beach Resort By Eco Divers Lembeh is located in Bitung, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. This scuba diving resort has six cottages and each cottage consists of three private rooms each with their own ensuite bathroom. Each cottage also has a central lounge/dining area, and a camera/ computer room.  Moreover, in the garden area, there is also an open air great dining area and lounge for all the guests of all the cottages; max of 18. Enjoy our blog article on North Sulawesi, Indonesia Part Two.

White Sands Beach Resort Diving.

You're minutes away from scuba diving at Lembeh Straights and the muck diving capital of the world. The waters are famous for creatures that are as small as a leaf, look like a leaf, or swim like a leaf. You might see the flamboyant cuttlefish, blue ring octopus, or mating squid. Then again, you might see a rare hairy frogfish or a sea fan, home to two dozen pygmy seahorses. The scuba diving staff of White Sands Beach Resort will be glad to point the tiny creatures out. Keep in mind that there are over 60 dive sites out here. Some of the more popular one include: Nudi Falls, Jahir, TK 1, Hairball, and the Mawali. Plan on diving 3 dives a day, or more if you can squeeze in a night dive. During the day you'll spend your time on the 17m long vessel called the Nautica.

Attractions and Activities

A typical day at White Sands Beach Resort includes breakfast. This is when you select what you would like for tonight's dinner including appetizer. Finally you are ready to take a 15min ride from town to the dock. You board a skiff and go out to meet the Nautica. Your equipment will be loaded and assembled on the boat with care and respect by the friendly and courteous dive staff. In between 3 dives you can warm up with a hot drink or go to the top of the boat and join the other divers on the sun deck. After the second dive, plan on having a buffet style lunch before reaching another dive site. By around 3pm you are back at the dock, where your equipment is rinsed and stored, while you take a ride back to the resort. While waiting for dinner, you might like to stroll down to one of the nearby markets or shops.

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