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  • Who is Maduro Dive that created PAW?
  • What is PAW?
  • Why is PAW needed and how does it benefit your business?
  • Where can I get it and what's required to install PAW?
  • When will my profits increase with PAW?

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Who is Maduro Dive

Maduro DiveĀ  is the innovative leader in dive travel providing dive packages for 240 resorts and 70 liveaboards in 40 countries and 79 select dive destinations worldwide.

Maduro Dive's travel experience began in 1980 and is wholly-owned by Maduro Travel Inc, which has offered travel specialties since 1975.

Maduro is a fully-accredited travel company appointed by the ARC (Airline Reporting Corporation) and IATA (International Air Transport Association), a member of ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors), a charter member of DEMA (Dive Equipment and Marketing Association) and an active member of ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association).

Maduro Dive has brought continuous operational, marketing and technical innovations to the dive travel industry and our clients since 1980. (List is available upon request)

All of Maduro Dive's knowledgeable dive travel specialists are certified divers and travel agents.

What is PAW?

PAW stands for Profit Application Widget. PAW is a proprietary application code developed by Maduro Dive for business to business sales. The Profit Application Widget creation was a direct result of distributor input for an application they could use to enhance their website with real time dive deals for their clients.

PAW provides real time information on discounted dive packages; it does so without your client leaving your website and without any reference to Maduro Dive as the supplier. Therefore, you keep complete control of your client within your website and in the total sales process.

Why is PAW needed and how does it benefit your business?

The easiest way to underscore why PAW is needed is to highlight the first part of the PAW acronym. Remember PAW stands for Profit Application Widget, so let's start with the most important reason to install PAW on your website and list other benefits.

  • Profit with commissions on individual dive travel sales, in addition to group sales.
  • Bring valuable Last Minute Deals content to your website for your clients. Since new Last Minute Deals are constantly added and expired Last Minute Deals are automatically purged; you have no administration concerns and your clients will come back to your website more frequently.
  • There is no link to Maduro Dive; your clients stay on your website and buy these Last Minute Deals or other dive travel packages from you. This gives you complete control of your client.
  • PAW conforms to the look of you website, only your contact info shows and you can add sales and/or event information.
  • A 3 year analysis by a major dive retailer of their clients who booked individual dive travel proved that they purchased 30% more dive equipment and 12% more instruction then their non-dive travel clients.
  • A knowledgeable Maduro Dive dive travel specialist will be your contact and handle all sales details while you maintain client contact.

Where can I get and what are the technical requirements to install PAW?

  • PAW is only available from Maduro Dive. You can contact your Maduro Dive, dive travel specialist, look online in the TradeZone section of our website for a demo and application, E-mail: [email protected] or call: 1-800-327-6709. After we receive the required information, a representative will contact you, and upon approval, you will be given a link to secure the PAW code.
  • The PAW code must be embedded into the desired page of your website with your contact information. It is recommended that a internet technology person install the code. They would also add your contact information and an email contact form for your clients to inquire electronically. You may also wish to add an identifying Tab such as Dive Travel Deals which would link to the real time data that the PAW code brings to your website. If you wished to have the capability to merchandise a dive equipment or instructional offer area within this page section, the internet technology person could add that also.
  • All browsers across all internet search platforms are compatible with the PAW code.

When will my profits increase?

  • Once PAW is installed on your website, there are several ways you can maximize your profit with individual dive travel sales.

    • Inform all associates that you have added this new feature on your website and make them aware of the profit potential of individual dive travel sales.
    • If applicable, educate and focus certain associates to handle client inquiries on dive travel.
    • Make everyone aware of the Maduro Dive, dive travel specialist that will be your primary contact and will handle all sales details.
    • Consistently make your clients aware that you now offer quality, discounted Last Minute Deals and individual dive travel. This could be done through e-mails, client get-togethers, in store point of sale materials, diving instruction, store associates and instructor references, social media, newsletters and other methods.
    • Use the new PAW landing page to merchandise equipment sales, events and/or group trips.
    • Reinforce and repeat all the above items at least monthly.

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