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St. Kitts

About St. Kitts

St. Kitts is an 18-mile-long, 5-mile-wide island in the West Indies. This scuba diving destination is just east of the Virgin Islands and west of Antigua. The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis is separated by a 2mi wide channel called "The Narrows". The Arawaks first settled the island 5-7 thousand years ago. They left many petroglyphs on the black lava rocks. The last eruption was 1620 years ago.  Some 1200 years before Columbus discovered St. Kitts on his second voyage, the warlike Caribs took over the surrounding islands.  So, the Spanish brought with them influenza, non-negotiable work programs, and unrelenting musket fire. Those Caribs that were left alive were wiped out by the French and English combined forces in 1626.  After that, the Europeans brought in slaves from Africa while they continued to fight with each other. Above all, between 1493 t0 1825 over 400 ships due to winds and war slipped down beneath the nearby waters. Enjoy our blob article Sea Turtles; The Godfathers of Scuba Dive Magazines?

Diving St. Kitts

There are close to two dozen boat dives and numerous shore dives to try on the west "Caribbean" side of the island. Expect to see crusted cannon balls, anchor chains, and anchors while scuba diving here. At Paradise Reef you may see iron cannons, musket balls, and old pipes as well. A hurricane revealed a 1740 vintage troop carrier in White House Bay. Most likely it went down during the battle of Frigate Bay in 1782. Modern wrecks around St. Kitts include the River Taw a 144ft long freighter, the MV Talata freighter, and the tug Corinthian. There is a nice drift dive at Nags Head. The Caves off of Nevis is popular for grottoes and swim throughs. So, Bloody Bay Reef is the site of corals, sea fans and small caves with spiny lobsters. Some of the areas are still thermally warm. In addition, stingrays like to rest in the sandy areas while a few sharks such as nurse sharks hang along the reefs. So, as for sea turtles, green turtles, hawksbill, and leatherbacks swim near the shores. Moreover, leatherbacks come ashore in St. Kitts in March thru May. Humpback whales cruise by here January thru April.

Accommodations, Attractions, Activities

St. Kitts has inns, hotels, and scuba diving resorts. Non-diving activities include horseback riding, golfing tennis and shopping in Basseterre. You can hike 4,000ft up Mt. Liamuiga to view wild flowers and vervet monkeys left from French troops 200 years ago. You might also be interested in viewing the St. Kitts National Museum and the Brimstone Hill Fortress; both are full of historical artifacts.

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