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Caribbean Explorer II

About Caribbean Explorer II

The Caribbean Explorer II is 135m long and has 9 luxury staterooms with air conditioning and ensuite bathrooms. So, it typically runs scuba diving excursions from St. Kitts to St. Maarten and from St. Maarten to St. Kitts the following week so your point of departure and arrival depends on the week that you book your trip. Enjoy our blog article on 110,000 Reasons to Go Liveaboard.

Caribbean Explorer II Diving

The Caribbean Explorer II departs on Saturdays for an 8 day/7 night excursion. This allows for 5 1/2 days of diving, including night dives. So, the vessel may spend 2-3 days around the Saba Marine Park and scuba diving various pinnacles. It then may spend 2-3 days around St Kitts and Nevis, where there are reefs and wrecks. There are 70 species of coral to count, and 500-700 species of fish. Some popular dive sites around St. Kitts and Nevis include: the 144ft long freighter River Taw , Devil's Cave, MV Corinthian, Coconut Reef, Camps Reef, and Monkey Shoals. Popular dive sites around Saba include: Diamond Shoals, Man O' War Shoals, Tent Reef, and Greer Gut. As a result, expect to see long snouted sea horses, frogfish, tuna, conch, rays, black coral, barracuda, barrel sponges, lobsters, nurse sharks, and several wrecks.

Attractions and Activities

Nitrox is available on the Caribbean Explorer II, so you can get up to five dives a day including night dives. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served buffet style. A typical schedule includes, breakfast, dive 1, snack, dive 2, lunch, dive 3, snack, dive 4, dinner, and lastly a night dive. The tanks are filled in place so you never have to dissemble your gear between dives. On the dive deck there is a large camera table, rinse tanks, wet suit drying racks and a battery charging station. Some days you may wish to skip a dive and do a land tour to a Rain Forest or shopping on Saba or visit Brimstone Hill, a museum, or shop at St. Kitts. There are also up to 3 island tours so that you can explore the forts, rain forests, duty free shops and markets the islands have to offer.
They also do special itineraries, to St. Kitts, Redondo, Montserrart, Saba, and St. Maarten.

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