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MV FeBrina

About MV FeBrina

The 73ft long scuba diving yacht MV FeBrina is based out of the Walindi Plantation Resort in Kimbe Bay, New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea. The vessel has 7 rooms with air conditioning, ensuite bathrooms, and accommodates 12 guests. The rooms are either single twin or double cabins.  Enjoy our article Papua New Guinea: Diving At The Edge Of The World. Part One.

MV FeBrina Diving

They have three main scuba diving itineraries each year. Plus, they have a few one-week excursions added just for fun and general exploring. April-June and September-November they explore Kembe Bay on the northern coast of New Britain in the Bismark Sea as well as Fathers Reefs and Witu Islands. Plan to see coral gardens, seamounts, walls, arches and overhangs. From July-August they do Kimbe Bay, Fathers Reefs, and Rabaul. March, the MV FeBrina goes to the southern coast side of New Britain and over to New Ireland. Blue Hole, Deacon's, and Blackjack are a few of the dive sites here. Expect to see multiple fringing reefs and channels leading to secret lagoons. There are many wrecks out here too. However, they don't dive the wrecks, as there are local dive operators that go to these sites on a regular basis.
Over 900 species of fish and 350 species of coral live out here. Aboard the MV FeBrina and just in Kimbe Bay alone, you have to visit Inglis Shoal. This is where you have a good chance to view dogtooth tuna, bigeye trevally, and scalloped hammerheads roam. So, Susan's Reef has sea whips, sea fans, and sea pens. Look closely and you will find Denise pygmy sea horses, tomato clown fish, and electric clams. Moreover, Restof Island has blacktips, silvertips, gray reef sharks, hawkfish and triggerfish. In addition, Christine's Reef has barrel sponge gardens, cryptic crinoids, and colorful corals. A charging station and camera tables make sure you capture an image of every fish and/or video of every dive site.

Attractions and Activities

There may be time for land excursions, snorkeling and kayaking but the focus on MV FeBrina trips is diving. A typical day may include a continental breakfast after 5:30 am, do dive 1, then have a hot breakfast, then dive 2, then a snack, then dive 3, followed by flavorful lunch. After a siesta, do dive four, have another snack do a night dive, then have a sit-down delectable dinner around 6:30 pm. You could skip a dive, and lay on the bow in the sun, but the fish, turtles, and dolphins are counting on you!

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